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  1. Here are some progress shots, the hilt begins to immerge. It's about 10 inches wide.
  2. Almost finished now to build a shipping case.
  3. Owen and I are making a the giant sword from Grendel's hoard. Built for giants and hung on the wall of the troll lair, It's the sword that was used to slay Grendel's mother by Beowulf after his own sword failed. Once the deed had been done, the blade of the giant's sword was destroyed by Grendel's mother's blood, however, the hilt and possibly a blade fragment remained. Beowulf brought only two things from the troll den when he left — the hilt of this sword and Grendel's head, both of which he gave to king Hrothgar. In the last few decades the historical Heorot (the hall of Hrothgar) has bee
  4. thanks Kevin! most days I feel like I can't draw or carve at all— I'm just muddling through. Your words give me hope. It's a funny business, the more I do this the less I feel that I know about it.
  5. I'd just like to say that I believe the above photo showing Dave in an office with the sword blank has been Photoshopped. We all know that you actually made that in your castle-forge in Northland Dave. Proof.
  6. Here is the rivet block in wax. It's two cave bears facing opposite directions. Almost ready to cast fittings for this piece.
  7. This is gonna be so cool! I love the pattern Dave, it's perfect!
  8. thanks guys! I'm putting some videos together while I make the fittings for this guy. here's one of carving the sheath clasp in wax... https://www.youtube.com/embed/oqZZTpMtsfw?rel=0"frameborder="0"allowfullscreen>
  9. more progress. just about done carving the grip and the wax model of the rivet block for the sheath...
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