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    I am interested in all facets of bladesmithing as well as all of the artistic disciplines that go along with pursuing my craft.
  1. Dear Mr. Battle Possum, My apologies for taking so long to come in an make a BIG thank you! As the memories of our trip flooded into my mind....I misted up. Anybody who has never gone heads up with a hawg....ought to....they won't never be the same. ONe thing I learned there ain't no way to explain it...to somebody who hasn't done it...and the people who have...just nod and smile...cause no words are needed. I would like nothing more to make it to next years Hammer-IN... With the knowldege you passed on to me during the shop visit... I begin to feel like there's a chance for me to get that dang stamp. Wendy says Hey! She loved the trip just as much as I did... And she wants to come back as well. We sort of like that Tennessee Hill COuntry...as long as we don't got to drive that dang twisty road no more! All the best, Shane
  2. Thanks for some more info! Gonna try the whole sanding block idea...working up my courage. I will let you know how it goes. SHane
  3. Thanks for the link to Houghton! But...Polymer Quenchants? Sounds pretty cool...especially the part about less distortion. But if it don't catch on fire...it don't sound like much fun. Shane
  4. You could do really simple tempering on a hot plate. Just lay the spine on the edge of the coil and let the colors run (gotta pay attention) or you could lay a small, flat pan full of sand on top of the coil and use the sand as a tempering medium. (Jim Batson showed this technique at an ABANA conference years ago.) You can sort of shape the sand to the blade. Again watch the colors closely. Be ready to stop the heat quickly. With no hot plate...You could use a bunch of different heat sources.Outdoor grill, coal furnace, propane torch,toaster oven...tried all of these, they worked. Not terribly precise, but you can get a good result. Knowledge and experience play a bigger role than the tools you are using. Tai should really be answering this... Swords is a whole nuther nutshell. The sword guys know better. I have heard it done with a heated copper block. Good luck... Shane
  5. Hey! Pretty knife! Really nice execution! Love the "neatness" of it. Look forward to seeing more. SHane
  6. Hey guys, This is all reallly great advice... Especially the part about the shiny green paint...gotta watch that shiny green paint! Gotta hate those fresh looking hammers that look like they never been run...yeah buddy! Don't Sid do a nice job! I haven't even got her wired or glued to the floor yet...ain't she jus' purty! Super Shane Brought her home last month! Don't tell the wife I spent the baby's milk money!
  7. I like the ideas...but as I said I am edge quenching...but I didn't say I was doing it with an OXY/Actl rig...so it would be hard to run the torch,hold the blade,and stir the oil at the same time.... Spose I could use my toes to stir... Shane
  8. OK.. so what if a guy is broke? I was thinking about strapping my orbital sander to the side of my quench tank...and clicking it on?!? Or do it need to criculate and wiggle? Shane
  9. Hey Mr. Coop! Dang you jus' laid it right out there... Thanks...gonna get to work on the PVC deal...need some diffuser paper...and a bunch of film. WOOOHOOO! SHane
  10. How do you guys get your oil agitated? I mostly do edge only edge quenching...but have never used anything to move the oil in the trough. What kind of pump? How much velocipy? Will a bubbler work? Shane
  11. Ok, Mr. Fogg...you made a funny! Shane
  12. Dang Harley! Your Hammer In wing ding sounds like a good time. God knows I could use the knowledge and experience of being there. Wyoming is a ways from Tennesse. BTW, We met in Atltanta this year. I was the big guy in bib overalls saying stupid things. It was good to meet you. SHane
  13. Interesting thoughts David... I am thinking it depends on the depth of etch/etch time. Too long and I feel like little pockets form here and there...and then doom on you...rust. I like the etched blade, need more time to get it right. Shane
  14. Dear Mr. Harley, Beautiful knife! Mr. Fogg, It looks like you are using two light sources? ONe to show the temper line and accentuate the flat of the blade and a second to bring out the detail from the pommel and handle? Is that right? Are you using that paper? stuff as a light filter around a framework? What kind of lens on your digital camera? Is it a special deal? Questions from a guy with no bread to pay a professional camera guy. SHane
  15. Thanks Tai! I miss forging outside sometimes...you know? Open sky...Birds, clouds, life all around...good times. Wanna make it to your hammer in deal one of these days! I lived in Sierra Vista a long time ago. Never got over that open desert sky....the summers wrecked me...but the winters...gorgeous! I love the big boulder jumbles up in the Muggy Owens! you know? Shane
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