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  1. Little Bird and Trout. Pattern welded blade, Stabilized Malley capped with a brass bolster Total length 18 cm blade 7.5 cm. Executive Approx 366 layer pattern welded blade, the handle is a little unusual it is a piece of a swordfish bill I kept it in the original shape, onside is a bit rounder than the other and each side is a it different in color and the fittings are sterling silver. Total length 19.5 cm, blade 9 cm
  2. Sorry the site has been out of action for some time now, if you want to ee more of my stuff have a look at this Richard van Dijk, Bladesmith / Hoiho Forge | Facebook
  3. Another new one 360 layer pattern welded Hunter, full tang. Bocote handle with white liner and brass guard. Total length 24 cm, blade 12.5 cm
  4. Pattern welded Bowie approx 450 layer. Stabilized Myrtle handle with coin bronze fittings. The coins (old NZ 1 and 2 cents pieces were cast into an ingot then made into the fittings) Total length 31 cm, Blade 18 cm And a pic of all the bits Since all the fittings were made of 1 and 2 cents coins I made the keeper of the scabbard out of a 2 cents coin.
  5. Oooh I like that, nicely done.
  6. Here is a new one approx 240 layer 1084 & 15N20 Total length 24.5 cm, blade 12 cm. Bocote handle with blue liner brass guard and corby bolts.
  7. A bit late but, thank you guys
  8. Thank you very much guys
  9. Love your engraving on the blade.
  10. Here is something a bit different, I have been working on this piece for a long time. Blade 476 layer 1084 and 15 N20 steel, 73.5 cm from guard Guard forged from 364 layer W pattern mild and 15N20 steel. Total length 93 cm. Hilt Sambar stag 19.5 cm inc. guard Point of balance 12 cm from guard Weight 1kg Total weight of Sterling silver approx. 250 gm Amethyst (enhanced) 67.3 ct 28.5x 21.63 mm, see attachment. Scabbard 3.5 mm leather with Sterling silver fittings.
  11. This is not what I was hoping to post but that will come soon. Just finished this little Hunter, 476 layer 1084 & 15N20, Brass, Bog Rata. Total length 22.5 cm, Blade 11 cm.
  12. Dough, No I did not have to straighten the antler, I have attempted a few times but never been that successful. Joshua As far as the guard is concerned it was just iron and nickel pattern welded approx 160 layers then I carved the surface with an angle grinder forged it flat cut the guard out and etched the hell out of it with nitric acid. Gerhard You can probably look back at post I have posted in the past or you will find a lot here (1) Richard van Dijk, Bladesmith / Hoiho Forge | Facebook Keep an eye out for my next post, I am about to finish something I have been working on for a long time. Richard
  13. Hi All Finally something worth showing here. I really enjoyed making this Bowie. Pattern welded blade, 1095, 1075 and 15N20 Deer antler handle, oxidized Sterling Silver fittings Guard Iron/Nickel deeply etched. Total length 43 cm, Blade 28.5 cm
  14. Thank you. Orders, quite a few, that is what keeps me going back to them
  15. And yet another Sgian Dubh, it seems that I am making these forever. 240 Layer pattern welded blade, stabilized giraffe bone handle capped with sterling silver fittings. Total length 19 cm, blade 10 cm. Leather scabbard with sterling silver fittings.
  16. carving set made a little while ago, fork and knife are forged from a large round file. Brass ferrule and butt plate antler handles.
  17. Hi All, just finished another bone handled Sgian Dubh capped with Sterling Silver fittings and a blood stone set in the pommel. Total length 20 cm, blade 10.5 cm. Pattern welded blade approx 400 layers. Leather scabbard also with Sterling Silver fittings.
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