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  1. Thank you. Orders, quite a few, that is what keeps me going back to them
  2. And yet another Sgian Dubh, it seems that I am making these forever. 240 Layer pattern welded blade, stabilized giraffe bone handle capped with sterling silver fittings. Total length 19 cm, blade 10 cm. Leather scabbard with sterling silver fittings.
  3. carving set made a little while ago, fork and knife are forged from a large round file. Brass ferrule and butt plate antler handles.
  4. Hi All, just finished another bone handled Sgian Dubh capped with Sterling Silver fittings and a blood stone set in the pommel. Total length 20 cm, blade 10.5 cm. Pattern welded blade approx 400 layers. Leather scabbard also with Sterling Silver fittings.
  5. Mosaic Damascus (Filicetty flip) Stabilized Mallee Total length 33.5 cm, Blade 22.5 cm
  6. Hi All Little Pattern welded hunter, I lost track of the amount of layers but around the 570, full tapered tang construction, brass bolster, Black Maire (NZ native) handle. Total length 23 cm, blade 11 cm
  7. Hi all Pig Hunter, 318 layer pattern welded blade. New Zealand Bog Rata, brass guard and pins Total length 32 cm, blade 17 cm
  8. Nice work, it is amazing how much work this carving is it not.
  9. Thanks for your comments guys. Richard
  10. Hi Robert, they were taken out of circulation some years ago, they were too expensive to produce and somehow I collected a heap of them, now our smallest currency is a miserable copper plated steel 10 cents piece. I am quite happy to send you a few but I would not have enough to send you $5 worth.
  11. Hi All This knife was made for a presentation unfortunately due to Covid it was postponed to a later date. It had to have a New Zealand flavour The handle is made from New Zealand Native Pohutukawa and fittings are made from sterling silver and coin bronze, (NZ one and two cents coins) The pommel is set with a New Zealand Greenstone The total length of the knife is, 27.5 cm. the blade measures 14 cm.
  12. Hi Gary Thanks for the compliment. It is really not that complicated to make those fittings, but then it helps having over 35 years experience as a gold smith. Thanks for the compliments guys. Richard
  13. Very nice work Gilbert, I really like the bowie.
  14. My latest Sgian Dubh, Pattern welded blade approx. 450 layers, bone handle capped with Sterling Silver fittings and pins and set with a New Zealand Greenstone (Nephrite) Total length 20 cm, Blade 10.5 cm. Scabbard leather and Sterling Silver. With special thanks to Maisie who cleaned up the bones.
  15. Hi Kevin, A lot of cheaper stuff keeps me busy these days and I don't really like posting it, yes I melt the coins and poor them into a mold, than I can forge it to required thickness or until my jewellery rolling mill can take it so I can roll it to about 1.5 mm and manufacture the fittings.
  16. Thank you, the wood is a New Zealand native and it is related to the olive.
  17. Alan and Chris, yes I like the bronze, it is much easier to cast into a plate mold then copper and over time it gets a beautiful patina.
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