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  1. I have not posted anything for a while but here is one I just finished, Pattern welded blade (sorry lost count of the layers), New Zealand Black Maire handle capped with coin bronze ferrule and guard, the pommel has a 1 cent coin inlaid (out of circulation) the fittings are made out of the same bronze.Total length 25.5 cm Blade to guard 13 cm. Richard
  2. Pattern welded 3 bar Bowie Centre bar Jelly roll mosaic cutting edge 318 layer. Spine and guard mild steel and nickel, Sterling silver fittings and Ringed Gidgee handle.Total length 38 cm, blade 25 cm
  3. Thanks very much for your kind comments guys. Richard
  4. Scottish Dirk, 318 Layer pattern welded, sterling silver fittings with Bog Rata handle, I did use some black dye to get the wood a bit blackerTotal length 47 cm blade 33cmI still have to make the scabbard.
  5. That is a spectacular bit of work Jake, congrats. Richard
  6. Hunter , 1095, brass, leather, deer antler, total length 25.5 cm blade 13 cm.
  7. That really did not turn out too bad Alan, I have made a few folders and I find them a real pain, they take even more time to make than anything else. To my shame I really should have a folder I made my self but I have been carrying an Opinel for over 40 years.
  8. Apply lots of linseed oil , that gives it the nice finish.
  9. Hi All Just finished, 3 Bar Seax, handle yew capped with sterling silver fittings, Total length 37.5 cm, blade 22.5 cm Richard
  10. Spectacular bit of work Gary Richard
  11. Thank you very much guys. Richard
  12. I got married back in October and made my own a wedding ring, pattern welded Iron/nickel, 18ct yellow gold rails and sterling silver lining, to save a bit of money, I am Dutch after all. Richard
  13. Thanks for the complements guys, Pieter-Paul; I inserted some pieces of 15N20 the last time I restacked the billet
  14. Pattern welded Kitchen knife, 275 layer,Handle Bog Rata (NZ Native) capped with sterling silver bolster.Total length 33.5 cm, blade21 cm
  15. Hi All Little Pattern welded Bird and Trout knife275 layer blade, forged from the same billet as the previous knives.Total length 18.5 cm, blade 7.5 cmDeer antler handle capped with a shibuichi/ nickle silver ferrule/guard. The shibuichi looks like copper at the moment but will develop with time a silver grey patina. Richard
  16. Hi All Gents Knife, 275 layer pattern welded bladeTotal length 24 cm, blade 13 cm.Goat horn handle capped with copper/silver mokume
  17. Done just with a ball burr in my pendant drill. Richard
  18. Hi Charles I forged a bar of 68 layers cut it in 4 pieces when stacking them for rewelding I inserted 3 pieces of 15N20 and welded the lot together. Richard
  19. Another Hunter, 275 layer, full tang, brass guard and pins and Bog Rata handle. Total length 25.5 cm blade 25.5 cm Richard
  20. Hi All Pattern welded hunter, 275 layer lignum vitae wood handle with coin bronze fittings. Total length 25cm, blade 13 cm Wishing you all a very Merry X-Mass
  21. No it did not bother me at all, from what I read it is the bark what can give you troubles.
  22. I cut a bar of 91 layers in 3 pieces and then inserted 2 bits of 15N20 in between them and forged together, I did not use any nickel
  23. Pattern welded Hunter 275 layer, Black Poison wood handle with coin bronze fittings. Total length 25.5 cm, blade 13.5 cm
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