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  1. Ooooooooh I like these NICE work. Richard
  2. Told you before you are a show off SPECTACULAR STUFF Salim. Richard
  3. Santoku style knife with San MaI construction,Bog Rata (NZ native) Handle capped with sterling silver bolster, total length 34.5 cm, blade 21 cm.
  4. Yes I think you are right Justin it would make a very good fighter. Ross, the distortion in the layers was mainly done by the forging, the shiny layers were M 42 and I just wanted to try out if I could weld it, it came out better than expected so I forged the blade out of it. Richard
  5. Yup Wes that is a ferrule, an oval tube that partly fits over the Giraffe bone and the guard hard silver soldered on, I cut a thread at the end of the tang and make up a "nut" a treaded tube with a cap on it.
  6. Pattern welded carving knife, I started this a very long time ago but I was never happy with the handle so I decided to make another one to fit it. Only a dozen layers, total length 32.5 cm (12.75 inch) blade 20 cm (8 inch) Handle is stabilised New Zealand mountain beech With gilding metal fittings.
  7. No top coat, the stabilised giraffe bone polishes up very easy.
  8. Hi All Here is another one, Hunter, Mosaic Damascus from the same billet as the previous one, Giraffe Bone ( thank you Jerry Mcclure, Capped with fittings I hand manufacture from old bronze NZ coins, total length 23.5 cm (9.4 inch) blade 12 cm ( 4.8 inch) I am planning to take this one to the Auckland Blade Show Oct. 6 &7 New Zealand
  9. What beautiful lines that Seax has. Richard
  10. Hi All Here is another one. Hunter, Mosaic Damascus, Deer Antler, Capped with fittings I hand manufactured from old bronze coins, total length 26 cm (10.4 inch) blade 14.5 cm ( 5.8 inch) Was planning to take this one to the Auckland Blade Show on Oct 6 & 7, New Zealand, I finished on Friday and sold it on the Saturday. Cheers Richard
  11. Thank you, Yes the nob on the pommel is hard silver soldered to a threaded fitting so after I epoxy everything I screw it tight.
  12. Thank you for your compliment Dave and all the others as well. Richard
  13. It is a bit like how long is a bit of string, I work off an on on something like that and make decisions about the design as I go I had planned a different handle but after the blade was etched it just was not right so it all takes time.
  14. No Sorry Ross by I am Dutch but have been living in NZ for about 40 years, I just like that sort of thing and bid on them when I see them for sale.
  15. Hi All I make a fair few knives these days but I prefer to mainly post the special stuff. Not sure what you would call this. Springbok handle with coin bronze bolster and iron/nickle pommel. Approx 500 layer pattern welded steel, total length 58 cm (22.5 inch), blade 42.5 cm (16.5 Inch) handle 15 cm (6 inch.I will be bringing it to the Auckland Blade Show.
  16. That is a very clever solution, well done. Richard
  17. Very well Jerrod, whatever makes you happy, but to me and some others it is Gilding metal or Tombac.
  18. Yes you are right Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, I have moved since though 800km north to Motueka area near Nelson and have a bigger workshop.
  19. Thank you Raymond, sorry I have no idea what deer it was but I don't think it was Sambar it could possibly be from a farmed deer they breed a lot of them here and experiment with cross breeding
  20. The suff I used is reddish in colour here are some figures to show it is different than brass. "Gilting tombac": Copper 82%, zinc 18%, lead 1.5%, tin 3% Copper 82%, zinc 18%, lead 3%, tin 1% Copper 82%, zinc 18%, lead, tin 0.2% "French tombac for sword handles", pommels and fittings: copper 80%, zinc 17%, 3% tin "Yellow tombac of Paris" for gilt ornaments: copper 85%, zinc 15%, trace% tin "Hanover tombac": copper 85.3%, zinc 14.7% Chrysochalk: copper 86%, zinc 14% "Red tombac of Paris": copper 90%, zinc 7.9%, 1.5% lead
  21. Thanks guys, yes Alan Tombac is totally different than brass it has a much higher copper contend and it is nice stuff to work with.
  22. Hi All It has been a while, here are a couple of pieces I made for an exhibition. 1) Deer antler, Gilding metal (tombac) and damascus, total length 28 cm.blade 16 cm 2) Cow horn, Gilding metal, damascus, total length 35 cm, blade 22 cm.
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