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  1. Hi All It has been a while, here are a couple of pieces I made for an exhibition. 1) Deer antler, Gilding metal (tombac) and damascus, total length 28 cm.blade 16 cm 2) Cow horn, Gilding metal, damascus, total length 35 cm, blade 22 cm.
  2. Fantastic stuff, what a great job. Richard
  3. Joshua, the O1 is just part of the stack and mixed in. Thanks alan & Charles I think you are right the finish needs a bit of tweeking I had a different patina on it before but I did not really like the look of that.
  4. Hi All I have been playing with the bolster a bit, still not quite sure about it but time will tell. Blade 120 layer O1, 1095 and 1520 Total length 20 cm, blade 9.5 cm Deer antler with brass fittings
  5. Thanks Guys David I just use a ball burr in my pendant drill, a Dremel will do the same thing, it takes a bit of practice, watch your fingers.
  6. Hi All Here is a new one, 3 bar blade cutting edge O1, 1095, 15N20 Total length 25.5 cm blade 13.5 cm, deer antler handle with bronze fittings (manufactured from out of circulation coins)
  7. Hi Dave Thank you for the complement. Yes I did play around with patination but I felt looked better without since it matches better with the light coloured Elm burr.
  8. Hi Alan I made the fittings first and then attacked them with a small LPG/Oxy torch melting the surface and edges. I will see if I can get a detail pic today. Richard
  9. Hi All This was supposed to be a feather damascus blade, well that worked on one side but I really liked the other side so I continued with it. Total length 48 cm (19 inch) blade 35 cm (13.75 inch) Stabilised Elm burr capped with brass fittings. I might have to have another go at the photo's and a detail shot. Richard
  10. Sgian Dubh, damascus, Sterling Silver fittings, stabilised bog Rata (NZ Native) and NZ Greenstone.I demonstrated making some of the fittings for this SD at the Australian Bladesmiths Symposium Here is the FB link instead of posting 40 pictures here. https://www.facebook.com/1794913027410956/photos/ms.c.eJxNUluOBDAIutGkvvX~_F5uMbOn~_EgREZVS91NIz4qh8BICOmEpOXCB9gTx~;gMzZkawL5CzQzZHakXiMBmMuI7qm20wpWguMccR~_GpU3mBQ0ihomSGq0ldVQMrTByAuIrqjQNg9cnIxYF78MdfRRwZHckeC2v0zd5q8g9PGPMdiWu~;R2WhzRhEuwdcFI8S5uKypMGrhL0bbAaKeLorEnun3UYR8Gl6DLQcnOCh3~;IWQItm1GP3BhdBnkeJ0aztC01ViNZLATuMuzxW37vQMYMVx
  11. Thank you Alan, it is just playing with metal, I guess that is why I enjoyed working on this piece, I had no idea where this was going when I started with a piece of a chrome plated brass towel rack.
  12. Charles The ruff on the ferrule was done by melting the edge material and I did the same with the end cap.. Richard
  13. Just finished, this odd little knife forged from a scrap of damascus, I enjoyed working on this, Deer antler, patinated brass, approx 450 layer damascus. Knife 19 cm blade 8 cm. Richard
  14. I really like the bowie and love what you are doing with your bovine ivory. Dealing with that situation in LV must indeed have been a nightmare, I don't envy you at all, and for you to donate the proceeds of those knives to the victims is fantastic. Best wishes Richard
  15. That is a beautiful looking piece and I love that forward curve. Richard
  16. Little damascus Executive forged from a leftover approx 450 layer, sterling silver bolster, merino horn with black liner underneath. Total length 21cm, blade 10.5 cm. Richard
  17. Looking great looking forward to see the finished piece.
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