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  1. Wow that is just a bit....................MUCH amazing stuff. Richard
  2. Hi All Little Hunter, 475 layer damascus, hand made patinated gilding metal fittings ( a copper alloy, a brass, comprising 95% copper and 5% zinc) and stabilized partridge wood. total length 22 cm, blade from guard 11 cm Richard
  3. Charles, Here is a close up, it is just a little collar soldered onto the bolster, I use hard, medium and easy silver solder. Thanks Alan, in my opinion casting can make things too heavy. C. Craft I will start blushing if you go on like that. Wes, I patina the brass by putting a little STRONG ammonia in a jar then suspending the fittings in the jar put a lid on it and place in a warm spot, after a while open the jar ,do this under an extractor, rinse off and use some fine steel wool to shine up the high spots.
  4. Hi A[[ Just finished a little damascus Bird and Trout knife, approx 320 layer O1, 1095 and 15N20 steel,textured brass fittings and deer antler.Total length 19.5 cm blade 9.5 cm.And a pic of all the parts before assembly.
  5. Brian, the bolster is made from silver sheet metal, so it is a cap that fits over the wood, a cast one would be too heavy. Richard
  6. Hi All My second damascus knife made in my new workshop.Santoku, approx 350 layer, bog Rata (NZ native) and Sterling Silver, total size 32 cm. blade 20 cm
  7. That is right Jarrod they cap the wood, otherwise the knife would be far to heavy, most of my knives are constructed that way. Aaron good spotting it has a wavy pattern filed on the spine. Richard
  8. Hi Jon, It helps that I have been a goldsmith since 1972. The 1 and 2 cents coins were taken out of circulation and since they are a nice bronze, not copper I melt them down in a small crucible and cast it in a steel mold. This now cast bar of about 4 mm thickness I roll out in a jewellers sheet rolling mill to the thickness I need usually 1.2 mm and then I manufacture the fittings from that. If you don't have a rolling mill you could forge the ingot down but it is a lot more work the best way is probably to find a place where they give jewellery courses (I do but I am probably a bit out of y
  9. Hi All It has been a loooong time since I last posted, we made a big move and moved 800km north and we are now in the Tasman area where the sun shines a bit more there are a lot of orchards, wineries and hops growing here and I have a trout river over the road. This is first damascus knife forged in my new workshop by hand since I did not have the power on yet, 21.5 cm total length blade 11.5 cm, Australian Beefwood handle capped with coin bronze fittings (old 1 and 2 cent pieces taken out of circulation) A week later a sparky friend and I put the power in my workshop it
  10. That is a beautiful piece Jake. Richard
  11. Fantastic stuff Dave and yes that design change is really a feature. Richard
  12. That is starting to look really good Jeroen, looking forward seeing it finished. Richard
  13. That turned out really nice Jake. Richard
  14. Very nice work, I really like how you worked the scissors into the blade. Richard
  15. That is very impressive work.
  16. That turned out great, love that blade and I like that snake on the scabbard. Richard
  17. Stunning Jim and I know exactly what you mean about the stresses involved in moving. Richard
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