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  1. That is a beaut , Congrats on your beard Richard
  2. Love that tip weld, thanks for showing. Richard
  3. That is a stunning piece of work Dave, congrats. Richard
  4. I just discovered this thread, Fantastic work, congrats. Richard
  5. Hi Pieter Were you trained at Vakschool Schoonhoven? I was there from 1972 to 1975 then an apprenticeship of a year it is a great system. We had to make a box in the second year and I have made many since, I tend to solder together 2 L shapes, try it next time Good luck Richard
  6. Beautiful work Jacek. Richard
  7. Fantastic stuff Dave I have a copy of Damaszener Stahl in English Richard
  8. Very, very impressive JD, really love the carving on the wood, What is the wood?
  9. I use 50/50 linseed oil and gum turpentine, I submerge the knife in it then pump a vacuum and tend to leave it overnight, wipe all of it off the next day and let it dry then a coat of wax or two. Richard
  10. Hi All I had to make a couple of scabbards for these antique Bowies and thought some of you like to see them. The top Bowie is a real monster 13 inch blade with 4.5 inch handle and walnut handle, weight 750 gm (1.6pounds) with silver fittings. Stamped with; Broomhead & Thomas Celebrated American Hunting Knife The Chris shaped one 12 inch blade with a beautifully carved 5.5 inch handle, not sure of wood, weight 325 gm (0.65 pound) Worn gilded Nickel silver fittings Stamped with; J. Moseley New St Covent Garden Cheers Richard
  11. That is absolutely stunning Dave, I don't have bog Oak but I do have New Zealand bog Rata it has a fine grain and can be carved very nicely. Richard
  12. Hi All This has been my workshop for the last 15 years, and I will be packing up shortly. Richard
  13. Looking great, love the pattern welding in the tips of the trident. Richard
  14. Thank you Guys The guard and ferrule are 2 different pieces but hard silver soldered together, the bit over the ricasso is a seperate part but often I silver solder the whole lot together, it really helps to have been a goldsmith for nearly 45 years. I have been on the Otago Peninsula for about 30 years and about 15 years ago I had my current workshop build, I thought at the time it was far to big, now it is bulging at the seams. I will be building my next workshop a little bigger so I can also run courses in Jewellery and Bladesmithing.. I will post some pics of my current workshop in
  15. Hi All I have not been posting much since we have mainly been working on our two houses since we are selling up and well be moving to the top half of the South Island a 800 km move and I guess that it will be a while before I have something to show again since I will first have to build a new workshop. I am sooooo not looking forward to moving my workshop. This is the last knife made in my workshop on the Otago Peninsula, 240 layer blade, capped with copper fittings and a deer antler handle. 3.5mm veggie tan wax impregnated scabbard. Total size 23 cm, blade 12 cm.
  16. That is a beautiful piece, great job. Richard
  17. They came out really beautiful, it is still on of my to do list to make an axe. Richard
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