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  1. I've been using nitrocelluose. It is the finish that is put on guitars and other musical instruments. Its durable and looks nice. But any wood finish, boiled linseed oil to polyurethane, will work.
  2. drermer

    Hi all

    Are you prepared to spend in excess of $2000.00 for this blade? 46 inches? O tachi indeed.
  3. Nethrower, thanks for sending the link. That is really a cool anvil!
  4. No, I can't see it now. And I'm really curious about a gargoyle anvil. I have a great fondness for both.
  5. drermer

    Cutting test

    That is a sweet cutter. It's very parang-ish. Next time don't put any masking tape on the blade and you won't need any Goo Gone.
  6. drermer

    Etching Tip

    I was wrong, it is alcohol that makes nitroclycerine inert. Nitorglycerine info
  7. drermer

    Etching Tip

    The reaction that produces nitroglycerin also produces water. I think you need the sulfuric acid to draw water out of the nitroglycerin. H2O + nitroglycerin is fairly inert. I should also make clear that I don't really know for sure. Don't come back and complain if you lose a limb.
  8. drermer

    Cutting test

    What is the geometry of the blade? In one picture it looks convex and sharpened on both edges. But in another it looks flat and single edged.
  9. Handle and guard material for this knife. The wood is lace sheoak from Australia. Unfortunately the government isn't allowing any more to exported. The mokume billet is one I made from brass, copper and monel wire.
  10. The knife started out more like a viking sword with a twisted core and a wrap around edge welded on. So the san-mai type edge resulted from my "fixing" the blade after the inital failed heat treating. I agree that the knife would make a good kitchen chopper.
  11. Just before Christmas I posted pictures of a large knife (15" OAL). The body of the knife was a damascus billet made from a bundle of 1080(music wire)/1018 wire. The edge is 1084. During heat treating the blade broke and got tossed into the corner. Yesterday I dug the knife out of the corner and reshaped, heat treated it and etched. It is now 8.5 OAL.
  12. drermer

    My pool is cold.

    The local Polar Bear Club may be your only hope.
  13. drermer

    Shipping laws

    Not only are the laws cock-eyed, the way they are administered are also screwy. If a police office ever asks you what you carry a knife for, never say "self-defense." That automatically turns any knife into a concealed weapon. You carry a knife to "cut string and open boxes."
  14. I have a sneaking suspicion that Tai understands normailzation quite fine. I think he likes to pretend he doesn't so he can have fun tweaking people.
  15. Nature wants to achieve maximum ENTROPY! Entropy is disorder. if you accept all that, someone explain why metallic crystals are so well ordered? After all, crystals are NORMAL! Actually nature wants minimum energy AND maximum disorder. Crystals are highly ordered BUT are the lowest energy configuration of the atoms. So you end up with a fight between the two. AND its possible for both to win because its only the entropy of the universe that has to increase. The local entropy can decrease without violating thermodynamics.
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