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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Everybody Thank you for this unbroken corner of the interwebs where a person can still get solid advice. My goals for the end of the year break is finishing 2 folders with broken springs from last year this time, building a gas forge that can get to welding temp, and a dedicated disc grinder. I bought a self-built machine that was supposed to be a surface grinder of sorts, quickly realized it would not work for me at all. I can salvage the following from the "machine": - 1HP single phase motor - 6 bearing blocks - 2 shafts - Misc
  2. Hello all, I've played around with my blacksmith tools making some wrench and RR spike knives. Armed with a bucket of old files I made a belt grinder out of an old 1/3hp buffer. Runs at approximately 5100fpm (if my math is right) and preliminary tests show it might just be workable if I'm patient and don't try to hog away material.
  3. I built a second one since the first was basically to try to teach myself to weld. This one went a lot better the bit the welds are a lot better and it's more orthogonal than the first one. I still have a few things to do like the platen and the work table. I'm also going to paint it.
  4. So, I took the plunge over the weekend and started in on my homebrew KMG clone. As promised I'm trying to document everything to share with folks. A little background on me first...I'm a computer geek by trade...never even took shop class in school. I am starting as a blacksmith/bladesmith and decided that until I have my new workshop up (around spring) I'd work on smaller stuff that will go into the shop. I could have bought a KMG and been working on knives, but some silly voice in my head told me that I could save money and learn stuff by building one...so here we go...
  5. 2x72 3hp belt grinder if my calculations are correct, it delivers about 6500 sfm at high speed. Dayton 3 horse 1740 rpm single phase with pulley speed shift. 3" & 6" contact wheels on the flat platen/slack swivel attachment - the platen is tube, so far the radius helps me to not gouge at the belt edge. imported 14" contact wheel that works great imo. throws down a spark shower, as i'd hoped
  6. Time to start another project. I'm probably going to turn it into a surface grinder after I gather up some more things. As for a VFD I'm thinking of putting a 5 hp 3 phase motor on it and using a VFD on it. The reason for the 5 HP is because running a 3 phase motor on a VFD you only get 2/3 the rated HP just like running a static phase converter.
  7. Hey everyone! I am a relatively new knife maker and I have fallen in love with this art! I started 8 months ago and I have already made a few blades, and believe it or not they were pretty dang good. No one could believe I was new to the skill. However, I made these knives using a few tools I was able to scrape together like a 4×36 belt grinder and a 4.5 inch angle grinder. Now though, I am looking to move forward with building a work room and upscaling my tools. I will be working on a budget so I have to shop wisely! I have to have a drill press (couldn't believe how hard it is to drill throu
  8. Hey. I scored a couple of 10" "Cosmo" rubber contact wheels at an estate sale for a deal so I thought I would go ahead and start my grinder build. But these wheels have keyed holes with no bearings in them, and the holes are different sizes. With everything I've seen, and with my limited knowledge, all contact wheels have bearings and are mounted in some sort of pillow block. The hubs are aluminum and I have access to a metal lathe so my first instinct says to mill the holes out to accept a standard bearing. But before I did that I thought I would ask the gurus and see what other opt
  9. Want to share with you my belt grinder build. - it use 1/4 thick 2 inch square tubing as chassis, really robust. - I'm extremely happy with the tool rest system. It's rigid, flexible and easy to build. you can see in some pictures I even fold the tool rest inside the grinder so I can turn/true up the wheel. - the MDF wheel was holding up just fine, couple knifes and some heavy metal grinding later no wear so far. Even if they do wear out, it's super cheap and easy to make a new one. - the power is 3/4 VFD powerful enough for my need - machine can setup on horizontal use, with just one
  10. Hey guys, I'm back been a long while, but I'm just now getting my shop rolling. I picked up an htp inverting 220 inverter tig welder for AL and steel so this machine will be tig welded together. The benifit there is much smaller welds so minimal warping, so hopefully less tweaking to get the alignment right. I went to the local scrap yard and picked up the material in the photo, realizing when I saw it that the black assembly is already halfway to being a belt sander! I already have wheels and a 2hp motor so this project should move along pretty fast. I'll have photos of the action starting M
  11. Almost there, still mocking and lining up the wheels
  12. About mid 2011 we dicided to make some changes and send my wife to school along with moving. I had to take a year off of work and sell many of my tools and machines to finance the adventure. One of the victims of the sales was my trusty BurrKing 2x72 which I had been using for nearly 20 years. The only way I could let it go was with the hope that I could build a better grinder for less money. Upgrades from 1 Hp single speed to Variable 2hp plus. Quick change tools would be nice too. My friend Ric Furrer Who was only a few hours away from my temporary home loaned me a Bader Space saver. It was
  13. Finally getting around to buying the rest of the stuff I need. I did all my research and I just wanted to double check with ya'll and see if I'm missing anything on this. I have the grinder frame, the tracking wheel, the tension system, both idler wheels, belts, and a 5/8" shafted motor. Holes on the back of the grinder for the pillow block bearings have already been drilled, the person who gave it to me said they're guide holes and I may need to drill them bigger. I went with Beaumont to look for this stuff. This look like everything? x1 "4 Diameter Drive wheel 5/8" bore ( http://www.b
  14. Finally decided I didn't have the time to build a grinder so I waited for my tax check t come in and broke down and ordered the Grizzly knife grinder. It came in yesterday. Gotta get it set up now.

    1. Isaac Humber

      Isaac Humber

      Would love to hear how you like it... thinking of getting one myself


  15. Hey all! I have been working on this belt grinder since last friday and I was able to complete it today! This is another tool I have been planing to build for years and it is so exciting to finaly have it in my shop! Here is a video showing how it works.
  16. I have been wanting a 2 x 72 belt grinder. Now I can start to make some knives with my damascus billets . I have lost a few sales of my damascus due to the milled and 120 grit sanded finish not etching well enough to really show off the pattern. So I also needed to convert a surface grinder to a belt grinder for a better finish on my billets Both of these units use the same 2" heavy wall square tube and a 1-1/2" pipe for the spring tension arm and tracking post. I also found the proper size muffler clamps for the surface grinder at a Semi-Truck parts house. I turned the pulley
  17. I have just posted the "Build MOE's Belt Grinder DVD on my web-site www.waynecoeartistblacksmith.com with information on the various kits. Please check it out and let me know if I can help you.
  18. I will be conducting a workshop to build Belt Grinders at the Appalachian Center for the Craft (http://www.tntech.edu/craftcenter/bl...hingworkshops/ May 27-29, 2011. Check out their workshops page. I hope to see you there. Call or e-mail me for additional information. <);-)> Wayne Coe Sunbright, Tennessee 37872 423-628-6444 waynecoe@highland.net www.waynecoeartistblacksmith.com
  19. Hello. I am in the process of building a KMG clone and just ran into a snag. I drilled and taped the bottom plate of the box that holds the arm, on one side. I installed a piece of 1 1/2"X 1 1/2" x 20" of steel I bought today for the arm. I bolted the side up and installed the arm. I then put on the other side to take a look at the fit. I soon found out that the arm is about .015 or more in all directiions and I will essentially have an interference fit if I continue on the other side. I don't want to take any material off the 1 1/2"X1 1/2" arm, so I was thinking of doing it to the top an
  20. This is why I haven't posted any knives yet since I came back from my vacations. Using a 1 HP bench grinder, an X-Y table gift from knifemaker friend of mine Alberto Trujillo and a magnetic plate (16" x 6") I bought, I've build the supporting structure and got a surface grinder for my shop! Now I can not only work more efficiently but also don't burn my fingers when working on small pieces Here's a video: As you can see, with my left hand I operate the X axis, while with my right hand I control the Z axis. Y axis is controlled with the rotative screw that you can see
  21. The news of me starting bladesmithing is spreading and I'm getting a ton of tools from friends that I never knew I needed. One I have been needing is a good grinder, so when a friend's dad said I could have one of his, I took him up on the offer. It had been repainted, so I had to clean up the label. Turns out it's just 1/3 HP. Would I be wasting my time setting up a belt grinder based around this motor? Could I get by for now? Worst comes to worst, can I take it apart and make a knife out of it? Just a thought. Thanks for reading. Tony
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