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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I had my first attempt at AEB-L heat treatment two days ago. I used this recipe: https://www.alphaknifesupply.com/Pictures/Info/Steel/AEBL-Typical.gif Method 1 without crio, tempering in 350F. Blades were wrapped in foil. Oil quenched with foil. After tempering the smaller one is very springy, the other one can be easily bent by hand. Both were together in the same oven. I've tested them with files, and both seems to be over 55HRC. I'll try to test them on the professional meter at my friend's workshop. Anyway, lack of springiness is a bad sign Any ideas? What went wrong? Why one is springy and the other is not? Is it possible to repeat the HT, or the knife is lost? It was my first stainless steel HT, so I lack experience
  2. Properly heat treated this steel is great! It cuts very well. It has good contrast and is easy to etch. I know many knife makers who prefer to work with this steel! This is how we heat treat our stainless steel Damascus when the layers are AEB-L and 301. HEAT TREATING: Preheat furnace to Austenizing temperature Place blade in furnace‚Äč Allow furnace to cycle back to Austenizing temperature Soak for 15 minutes Quench in oil Temper 2 times for 1 hour each time Quench in liquid nitrogen for 4 hours and re-temper 1 time HEAT TREATING TEMPERATURE MATERIAL AUSTENIZING TEMPER Stainless 1925F 350F
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