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Found 1 result

  1. First off- I understand this isn't strictly about bladesmithing... however, I was working on metal when this problem arose... and blades are also made of metal... is this even the correct board? Apologies if there is a better location. I have been asking around and haven't found a straight answer yet to my question so I figured I would put it to others that likely also use oxy-acetylene torches. So, I was heating up a large piece of steel with a rosebud tip and seem to have broken the 1/7 rule. When I turned the torch off I immediately noticed the smell: acetone. I looked closer and noticed a reddish greasy liquid bubbling at the tip. Acetone seems to have been pulled up during the high pressure heating. Given that I now have gooey acetone in the regulator and hoses. I understand this is a BAD thing. But, my QUESTION is: how bad? is my acetylene diaphragm (and hoses?) slowly being eaten away and it's just a matter of time before I blow myself up? Is there any effective and safe way to clean this stuff out or do I need to re-build the regulator / buy a new one? I've asked a few people online and to my local machinist and their answers were sort of vague. Any advice that isn't vague? Thanks in advance, Eric
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