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Found 13 results

  1. Haven’t posted anything in awhile, I did this Damascus Bowie with antler handle. It’s a through tang with a threaded pommel. The guard is brass to match. I have done some other Bowie like this without as much clip and no ricasso. I like the feel of it. The Damascus is a whopping three layer twist and I practiced some vine filework on the top. Sheath is a 10oz Sheridan style carved one seam construction.
  2. My lastest piece for a buddy of mine from Argentina. His passion is the asado (bbq equivalent here in america). He wanted a custom knife for his bbq pack and this is what we came up with. Details: Blade- 140 layer ladder pattern 15N20/1095 outer steel of the san mai with W2 core. Differentially heat treated, the hamon is low though the whole edge turned out quite adequately hard, hardness files confirmed at least 65hrc on edge and about 50hrc along the spine post quench. There is another faint hamon present in the damascus region where the clay was applied. Never had a dual hamon like that, I attribute it to the different steels involved. I tempered it back a bit more than usual given the dramatic point this blade features. Handle- Deer antler with two 48 layer damascus fittings that I hot blued. There is a take down nut in the back to make disassembly and cleaning more practical (going to get greasy cutting all that meat). A 14k gold "L" is inlaid in the back as a memorial motif to his friend that passed away.
  3. Hello, I had a question about a bone handle I'm working on. I took on the project of a viking style of knife and have a brass-antler-wood-bone-brass sandwich going on, that I'm going to carve some designs into. The only antler I have is a bit too big for the handle and I have to sand it down. I was just wondering how far I can go, and if I can go into the slightly porous section without completely trashing the handle. Thanks.
  4. So this is my fourth blade and its been a long time coming. I took a very long hiatus from smithing because of my son and career change yadayada so this blade is my first completed one in a few years. Blade is w2, fittings are bronze and handle is antler and yellowheart. I wanted to make something really grim hence the skulls the whole concept ended up sort of going in a barbarian pirate direction which is cool. Anyways here ya go. The lady who I made it for wanted something personal worked into it and her boyfriend is of irish decent so I carved some celtic inspired stuff on the wood.
  5. So a buddy of mine brought me an old broken 70's or 80's ish era store bought sword and wanted me to salvage it for him to see what i could do, after a quick dip in the acid tank i realized i had something to work with. so i set to work and this is what came out. im considering maybe some celtic style carvings on the antler, thoughts?
  6. Hello! This knife was ordered by a girlfriend who anted a gift for her loved one, for his birthday. Since the man in question reenacts 10th century, central Europe, I have searhed for somethin nicely decorated, yet not overly complicated because of the budget. I have found a piece of bone that had a carving of two birds, and I decided to use that on a knife. This is the result: Wrought iron body with tool steel edge, carved antler handle (peacock?), and a simple sheath decorated by wrought iron ftting (also from a find). aaand a litle shot of the wrought structure:
  7. This is a project I finished just before leaving for college last summer for a neighbor. It was a factory made blade, and the leather washer handle was literally rotting off. I cut off the handle and the pommel, (leaving the guard at the request of the owner) and then fit this handle on. From the guard, the materials are rosewood (I think), sheet copper, beech, sheet copper, and deer antler. The handle is a little too large for the blade, and given the size and shape of the antler, I'm not sure it's the most comfortable grip, but I'm pretty pleased with it overall.
  8. just finished these up ordered for Christmas presents, using antler he provided and steel from harrow points from his family's farm. I have one more of the harrow points and I really like this steel just feels good. oak bolster.
  9. Hi! This is my latest thing - a birthday present for my better half . It is a more complicated version of a knife I posted here some time ago... and looking at it now, I already know what I would do differently. Since it´s supposed to be a knife for a rich woman (or a woman with a rich husband), I decided to reconstruct one copper inlaid chape... it was my third inlay so far, and I must say that I am not completely satisfied with the thickness of my lines, nor with their straightness... well, I will do better next time, hopefully. Oh yes, and the knife is with wrought iron body (forgewelded from 4 different wroughts to get a bigger piece ) and tool steel edge. Rest of the sheath is sewn with a hand-spun linen thread.
  10. This is a little integral that I forged as an impromptu demonstration, years ago, at the Branson Hammer-In. The steel is from a bar of 52100 that Ray Kirk provided along with tremendously helpful advice on how to approach finishing an integral knife. This knife was donated to the "Iron in the Hat" at this years Branson Hammer-In. I ended up sharpening it there and putting the final finish on the sheath. My daughter was kind enough to run down the battery on the cameral so, these pictures from her phone are all I've got. There were some colorful planters and the grasshopper was kind enough to let me set my knife down on the leaf without moving on to greener pastures, at least for the first few pictures. Handle is whitetail deer antler, copper spacer and butt cap, through tang, riveted construction. ~Bruce~
  11. I finally finished a scabbard for my seax I posted awhile back. Lots of firsts , wood carving , sheath/scabbard, copper sheet overlay, bear fur lining. I was really inspired by Petr's Vendel period sax but drew from both viking and anglo saxon sources for carvings . I really wanted to do the copper sheet in steel or iron but steel proved to difficult and iron to hard to find . Copper seemed like the best route as the inays on the fittings were copper it works but to me is a little jaring. Hope you like it and of course all comments both positive and negative are welcome Thanks I had to throw a picture of my little dude in there he is not even 2 yet and his eyes light up when he holds any of my pieces , gotta love it! Geoff
  12. Hello! I´ve got this little chap for sale! It´s based on several finds in central Europe of the 9th century (Great Moravia to be specific). The whole knife is about 16cms long, forged out of wrought iron with a forge-welded tool steel edge. The scales are antler, lightly decorated, and there is a simple sheath accompanying the knife, decorated in the same style as the knife and coloured with hot lard. Enjoy ! Price is 130USD/ 100Eur plus shipping
  13. Hello! Honestly, I thought it would be much simpler to oven-weld the muffin-dough than to forge-weld the edge to the wrought iron body... boy was I wrong.... But, everything turned out good in the end and both my welding sessions were successful This knife is a woman´s knife from 9th century, somewhat specific to Great Moravia (as far as I know), with it´s riveted antler scales and fulltang construction. I´ve made a modest sheath for it, and impregnated it with hot lard. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the muffins
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