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Found 1 result

  1. Here,I am jumping from the "Pit Charcoal" thread ( http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=28695 ) to one specifically dealing with crucible steel. I have dragged some of the already posted material into this place just to keep it together. I don't know how many of you have attempted this Georgian 'Bulat' technology by Zaqro Nonikashvili method of making Wootz...I highly recommend it, and see it as the clearest method on the web to date ( I am very grateful for Zaqro's contribution and to Klaas for bringing it to us) . This year ( 2015 ) I hope to attempt it again using the 'Konasamudram' process as alluded to here http://www.bladesmit...=18364&p=172409 . I think I have the melting process down ( I sure hope so ) and plan to begin experimenting with the process of forging. Right now I am healing a sore shoulder but should be able to go on light duty in a week or so, melting iron is light duty. Two crucibles are loaded ( 1 Kg charge each) , for a test ( mainly to see if the glaze is still good).....once I get back into the melting mode I will try a larger crucible. Larger crucibles have a vey large failure rate. So it will be a while before I get ready to try 'Konasamudram'....bear with me. The first of two crucibles was melted today..15 min. warm-up and 45 minutes to melt. I used my forge to do the melting and I will have to redo it . A new thread will now be started to go with the crucible steel..I will leave the bloomery stuff here ( here is under Pit Charcoal"). I will post some pics of bloom results and the ingot soon ( after it cools). Jan Edit The ingot is 1002 grams and has a decarburized top , no glass was added...the glaze was not totally effective as an oxygen barier. I will drill a hole into the second sealed crucible and add some glass prior to melting this week-end. Due to the forge being used as a heat source..the flame directly impinged on the crucible..I will try to avoid that on the next melt. Here is the 1002 gram 'Konasamudram' process ingot #1. Lots of things are not right..most I created myself and will try to avoid next time..I can eliminate the bubbles under the top and the decarburization. Basically I am quite happy with the results..even if I end up cutting off the top 1/2" off the ingot. The forging of the ingot will give us additional information for establishing directions in future melts ( until we get it just about right, I hope). Jan
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