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Found 7 results

  1. Take your pick of one of these two. $225-ToYourDoor-CONUS. Keeps the shop and everything else going. Info. "Villager Scandi" SOLD. 5/32nds 80CRV2 Steel. Scandi Grind. 58-59HRC. 4.750" Tip To Handle. 9.375" Overall Length. 20LPI Jimping. Black Bead Blasted Canvas Micarta. Charcoal Gray Kydex Sheath with a Large TEK-LOK for adjustable carry positions. "Warpath-5"(SOLD) SPOKEN FOR. 80CRV2 Steel. 58-59 HRC. Saber Grind. 5.375" from Tip to Handle. 10.250" Overall Length. 20LPI Jimping. Two Tone Finish with Black Acid Stonewashed Flats, and a Satin Finished Grind. Blaze Orange Bead Blasted G10 Removable Handle Scales. Blaze Orange Kydex Sheath with a Large TEK-LOK. Thanks for looking! jeffhaze@rocketmail.com Jeff Number-170-Villager Scandi-Video-2.mp4 Warpath-5-4.mp4
  2. New Design. The "Thorncrafter". AVAILABLE. 5/32nds 80CRV2 Steel. Saber Grind. 4.5" from Tip to Handle. 9" Overall Length. 1.2" Height. 20LPI Jimping. Olive green Bead Blasted micarta handle Scales. Two Tone Finish with Black Acid Stonewash Flats. Black Kydex Sheath with a Combat-Loop Belt Attachment. SOLD. Thanks for looking.
  3. These three are away in the post in the morning and while the pics are terrible due to the low winter sun the wood is actually quite nice on them. I will have to look at a decent light box set-up for taking these pics indoors as the pics taken outside really detract from the presentation. The first hunter skinner has cocobolo with ebony bolsters A full flat grind on 4 in x 1/8 1084 blade at 61 R tested (100x3.2mm) This is my safari knife (bushcraft) with cocobolo and ebony on a 3 3/4 in x .157 01 blade at 61R (90x4mm) The guy wanted both the horizontal carry and a stadard vertical carry sheath which I did before I designed the multiple carry sheath shown for my safari knife This one if for another chap and is the hunter skninner with curly maple and jarah (blade specs as for the hunter skinner above.
  4. https://www.etsy.com/listing/486149591/purpleheart-explorer?ref=listings_manager_grid 10.5" of O1 steel, some purpleheart, and leather. Sold.
  5. Hello all, it has been a while since I have posted anything getting married can make one busy But I have been developing a new production line I wanted to show and get opinions on. I will be posting all of the new knives and versions on this thread so as to not inundate you guys with pictures of knives that are too similar. When I was initially designing this knife I wanted it to be tough and efficient, but still small enough for everyday use, so no more than a 4 inch blade. Ultimately I plan on having a 4 inch blade model, 3 inch blade model, and an ultra light version of each. The first prototype I made out of W2 and it came out with a nice wicked little hamon and I have to say it is a mean little knife. With all that being said here is the knife and I'd love to hear what you all thing of it. Spec: Steel: W2 Blade thickness: 3/16 tapering to 1/8 on the tang Blade length: 4 1/8 inches Blade width: 1 1/4 inch Overall length: 8 3/4 inches Weight: 5.2 ounces Handle material: Desert Ironwood Burl with leather spacers Pins: Stainless steel rod and tubing -Robert Burns
  6. Hello all I have you for you today my new Wilderness Camp Chopper. This knife was hand forged from 1084 and diferentially quenched to achieve a hamon, the knife is full tang and show cases a composite handle. The handle is laminated from (starting at the butt of the knife and working towards the blade) desert ironwood, Bolivian rosewood, zyrcote, and Australian red mallee gum burl with mosaic pins. There are also two spacers of 9 oz black leather on either side of the full tang to add additional grip. The sheath is made using inlaid stingray skin and 8 ounce saddle leather. Specs: Steel: 1084 differentialy quenched Overall Length: 13 1/2 inches long Blade Length: 8 1/2 inches long Blade Width: 1 1.2 inches wide Handle length: 5 inches Thickness (spine): 3/16 Lanyard: Hand woven cotton cord (or if you choose it can be replaced with leather or woven hemp cord) Price: $625 + shipping Please PM me for details this will be sold on a first come first serve basis. I accept PayPal, Money Orders, and "lay-a-way" may also be an option. Here are pictures of the knife as well as a video of the performance. Robert Burns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSEu4rRZuRE
  7. I have ten of these bushcraft knives available for sale. They are all hand forged from 1095. The knife includes sheath and fire steel with curly maple handle. While these knives are basically the same each one has slight nuances that make it unique. Each blade comes razor sharp and the only thing missing from the photo is my logo featuring a compass. Specs: Blade: 4 inches long and 1 inch wide Handle: 4 1/2 inches long Materials: Curly maple, leather spacers, walnut, textured aluminum. Price: $150 -Free shipping within the continental US. PM me for details. The first ten to respond will receive the knives. Thank you for looking. Robert
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