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Found 4 results

  1. Just finished my second forged cable knife. A coworker wanted a skinner with an elk tine to help with skinning. This one is forges out of the same cable that's seen in the pictures. The spacer between the blade and the antler is also from the forge welded cable. I scribed it to the antler so it would be the same shape and varied contour of the antler as well. The blade was normalized three times then heated to non mag and then just a little more and quenched in heated canola oil. Tempering was two times at 450 for an hour each time. the only issue I had was the area just below the crow stamp. I couldn't remove the forge markers without going too thin. it came out very hard and razor sharp! Thanks for looking.
  2. I have access to lots of wire rope both standard and non rotational and want to forge it. What is best way to clean it and get rid of all the grease. The non rotational is what I really want to use. Looking at 1 1/2" and 2"
  3. ÆLFGIFU: “Elf Gift” Blade Length: 8 inches: 1080 Edges, 1095 cable center Ricasso: 1.75 inches Handle(Grip): 3.5 inches Overall: 14.5 inches - 11 oz. POB: .3 inches from hilt (right at my stamp) ———————— Like the birth of fawn and flower Spring arrives in its time The Seasons turn Like seeds that float to earth The gift of love befalls Each of us in time ———————— This is one of those "Historical Fusion" blades which is quickly become my preferred style. This one happens to be inspired by some Bronze Age antenna swords, some Roman knives and of course some level of La Téne Germany. I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't actually require much material for the spirals to balance the blade out. I originally had enough in there for a full sized sword. I had to reduce the amount three times and it turns out I had over 3 times the amount of material I needed for this style of hilt. Backstory: I imagine this to be a blade that was gifted to Freya from an Elf that was more than intoxicated with her after she decided to share her love with him for a season. The Elf was inspired by her sleek yet curvy sexiness and love of nature. The handle materials are simple and pure to the earth, copper which the Elf mined from some cave on one of his journeys and cherry wood which he used from a branch without killing the tree all in the spirit of Freya. The Elf commemorated the time that sweet Freya had spent with him by adding a triangle for each night they had spent together (110). ———————— See more pictures on my facebook page: thepxsmith
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a source to buy a cable Damascus billet from but haven't been able to find anything recent. If you know of any people let me know. A few months ago i started playing around with forge welding and learned to forge weld a high carbon bit into a mild steel axe head. Anyways, it turned out really nicely and it got me thinking it would be pretty cool looking to forge weld a cable Damascus bit into tomahawk head. Like i said before let me know if anybody sells it.
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