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Found 5 results

  1. Gents, Asking for some help/ input. A friend found an old buggy spring in a field he was plowing, gave it to me, (photo). It doesn’t bend / break like wrought. It did weather like wrought and wasn’t rusted through as steel might. I cut a piece, took it to heat, quencher in water and it shattered with a mild hammer hit in the vise. I’ve included a short video of sparking and a still photo. Hope the video will load! Any guess on carbon and /or? I respect all opinions. Thanks, Gary LT IMG_3033.MOV
  2. Ran across this interesting table and graph, thought I would share. The source cited (4) is Siebert, Doane & Breen, The Hardenability of Steels, ASM, 1977. Moral to the story: Not only does an increase in carbon increase the ability of martensite to form, but it also corresponds to an increase in hardness for the martensite as well. I don't have the source material at hand, but I think it is safe to assume that "excessive" alloying elements besides Fe and C will also change the overall hardness. The paper I was reading that this chart appeared in did not go into any specifics in this case either.
  3. Hey there from the home of the Lederhosen! Just recently finished this knife as a gift for a good fellow servicemember of mine (yup...this one here is part of the German Armed Forces) who left us now to another post. The steel is some 1095 and 15N20 damascus. The hardware is stainless. Handle and the coating of the blade itself is carbon fiber. As always i have to excuse for my bad english my lousy footage my even worse editing and pretty much everything!!! Comments and criticism are very welcome! ...although some honey spreading would be better.... Also it would be very cool if you'd check out my other videos...but hey...it's just me...
  4. First part of my new project... A little (meant to be)EDC but for shure with my fancy custom touch. The steel i'm using is some basic damascus out of 1095 and 15n20. For the handle i decided to go for some carbon fiber. And because this is not difficult enough i thought...hey...why not slamming some of this carbon fiber onto the blade itself so you will get a rad transition between the carbon fiber and the damascus...!!! Holy lord, this has been a stupid idea... As always i have to apologize for the bad quality and also for my bad english! Especially in this episode i've been really hammered and in this state me 'ol brainy no worky... I hope maybe one or two will enjoy it nonetheless... Leave some comments if you like and it would be this little Krauts pleasure if you would also have a look at my channel!!!
  5. Hello All. I am not sure if this question really belongs here or not. I was wondering (very general) how the end product/finished blade, carbon content is determined. I know the Spark test and also that to really figure it out you would end to send it off for analysis. What i am looking for is the super general answer..... for example is it just a straight average (in the case of using 2 dif steels), or is it more complex then that? I know more goes into it like type of forge, fuel source, scale, ect. Think that makes Sense basically just is it an average (due to carbon migration) or more complex (cumulative)? Thanks all
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