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Found 8 results

  1. I am happy to finally show off the economy custom chopper series we've been working on the past six months! The blades are all 80CrV2 high carbon tool steel forged to shape, rough ground, and heat treated by yours truly; then final ground and assembled by Justin Kirck, who also made the leather sheathes. Handle materials include stabilized burls, hybrids, micartas, and hardwoods. While this isn't the completed set, the choppers here are great representation of the fun materials we got to play with. More collaborations are on the horizon, I will keep yall in the loop! TheoRockNazz.com - JustinTheBlacksmith.com
  2. I wanted to show off a chopper I made recently. It's not quite to bladesports specs but it's close, the cutting edge is 10.25" and w1 tool steel that formed a neat auto-hamon. The pattern-welded bars are my standard 1084 and 203e mix, and the bolsters are from the same billet. The handle is stabilized walnut. It has a reversed distal taper and handles like an ax....
  3. Mixed species ladder patterned steel.
  4. This is what I did for my friend an ex paratrooper. Its nothing special, just the stock removal, but it sure came out nice. The handle is elm.
  5. Built this from Bloodwood, mokume, silicon bronze and forged 1095, Blade is 1095, 11.5" OAL16.25"
  6. As the title suggests this knife was something different for me and my first time working with carbon fiber. The customer approached me about wanting a larger camp knife with out the extra weight and without decreasing performance so I came up with this. The spine is 1/4 in thick (as per customers request) and has a tapered full tang that reduces to slightly under 1/8 inch. The tang was also skeletonized by drilling out holes throughout and then hollow grinding the tang to further reduce weight. The knife was also given a high flat grind to also decrease weight. The steel is Aldo's 1084 and I clayed it to achieve a hamon. The customer requested that I place the flint striker notch on the blade its self as opposed to on the ricasso or another area. Because the temper was going to be effected anyway I only hardened the blade up to the striker notch. The final weight of the knife came to 7.5 ounces which for a 1/4 inch thick spine and 12 inch long knife I think is not too bad. It could have been made lighter but I think this will do the task. As always thank you for looking and all comments, questions, and critiques welcome. Robert
  7. Hello all I have you for you today my new Wilderness Camp Chopper. This knife was hand forged from 1084 and diferentially quenched to achieve a hamon, the knife is full tang and show cases a composite handle. The handle is laminated from (starting at the butt of the knife and working towards the blade) desert ironwood, Bolivian rosewood, zyrcote, and Australian red mallee gum burl with mosaic pins. There are also two spacers of 9 oz black leather on either side of the full tang to add additional grip. The sheath is made using inlaid stingray skin and 8 ounce saddle leather. Specs: Steel: 1084 differentialy quenched Overall Length: 13 1/2 inches long Blade Length: 8 1/2 inches long Blade Width: 1 1.2 inches wide Handle length: 5 inches Thickness (spine): 3/16 Lanyard: Hand woven cotton cord (or if you choose it can be replaced with leather or woven hemp cord) Price: $625 + shipping Please PM me for details this will be sold on a first come first serve basis. I accept PayPal, Money Orders, and "lay-a-way" may also be an option. Here are pictures of the knife as well as a video of the performance. Robert Burns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSEu4rRZuRE
  8. This in my latest knife project and i was wondering what category this might fall into. I know there is a placement with swords via the oakshot i believe might be wrong, but either way its a big knife thing. I also would appreciate any tips or some helpful criticism.
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