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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I just want to make all those interested in Wootz Steel aware that we have now launched the International Wootz Society. It has been almost a year in planning and setting up, and we are now open and accepting members. The Society is for smiths, collectors, historians, researchers and anyone who is interested in the production, history or identification of historical crucible steels. We will be having testing of smiths and certification of standards of skill level for those who desire it. We also aim to educate the public with correct historical and technical information concerning Wootz Steel. The founders and board members are myself, Jin Singh from Wootz Militaria, Peter Burt of Peter Burt knives, Sebastian Szukalsky of ipostswords and Mert Tansu from Tansu Knives, Keith Fludder has also been helping out. The website is https://internationalwootzsociety.com/
  2. I am happy to finally show off the economy custom chopper series we've been working on the past six months! The blades are all 80CrV2 high carbon tool steel forged to shape, rough ground, and heat treated by yours truly; then final ground and assembled by Justin Kirck, who also made the leather sheathes. Handle materials include stabilized burls, hybrids, micartas, and hardwoods. While this isn't the completed set, the choppers here are great representation of the fun materials we got to play with. More collaborations are on the horizon, I will keep yall in the loop! TheoRockNazz.com - JustinTheBlacksmith.com
  3. Hey guys! Matthew Berry and I just wrapped up a project we've been working on together for a while so we thought we would share it here! This has been a project we have swapped back and forth a few times and though some of you have seen it already I hope you al enjoy This project starts as most do, with a billet, or three. The blade is made of three twisted bars of 1084 and 15n20 with an edge wrap of 800 layers of the same materials. It weighs in at about a pound and a half. The blade is 30 3/4 inches long and has a fuller running almost its entire length on both sides. Rough forged blank ready for beveling and fullering. This photo reminds me a lot of burial swords with the patterns preserved in fire scale. I do all my fuller grinding for double edged swords free hand on a six inch wheel. I can get very thin blades with appropriate dimensions both in fuller depth and width with this wheel though I have considered getting a larger wheel (and a new belt grinder for that matter). This is the fuller being roughed in after forging. You can see flatter spots near the top of the photo and the more defined rounds in the center near the light bright spot. And finished and ready for heat treat! My only trick for grinding these is you are your own jig, you have to be able to use your body in a controlled manner and try not to sneeze! The fire scale revealing the pattern in the blade during normalizing. And heat treated! The blade came out almost dead straight and I was able to do some small tweaks during the superplastic stage, so no need for temper straightening. Back to grinding, I promise this will get more interesting once Matt chimes in, but for now it's just grinder pics, which are some of my least favorite. Grinding through decarb... And finish ground to 400! Here is the blade ready for hand sanding. And polished with a super light etch for the time being. At this point Matt came over and picked the blade up to do his magic. Stay tuned!
  4. Heya guys, You know what time it is! Let me know if any of these blanks interest you and we'll get them into your hands. 80CrV2, already heat treated. Has a fun lanyard hole/loop that'll provide an extra challenge. A customer already has their eye on this one - I would need you to finish it and slap my provided micarta on. We will agree on how to divide profits privately. Email at TheoRockNazz@gmail.com. TheoRockNazz.com 1095 fighter, already heat treated. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics) 80CrV2 cleaver/chopper... clopper?..cheaver? Already head treated. Has inverted distal taper. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics) 1095 thick chef's knife, heat treated with temper line. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics)
  5. Hey all! A few months ago I messaged our own Mark Green about possibly doing a collaboration together. He responded positively and sent me two seaxes from one of his latest runs of home made steel. The deal was made that he would send me two seaxes heat treated and tempered and I would take care of the rest. I would keep one and he would keep the other. I took way too long finding the right inspiration to finish these and had the blades sitting there waiting for me to hilt them up for a few weeks. I finally got an idea I liked and this past week has been spent frantically working to get these done right! Both seaxes are finished with moose antler and ring dots in a shape I really like and stacked birch bark with applewood handles from a tree nearby. Each seax sheath is based on different stories. The Anglo-Saxon styled one is the Sigurd story from the Volsung Saga and the Scandinavian one is based on Odin's kids trying to beat up Loki's kids Anyway, I'll let the photos speak for themselves! The blades as they arrived prior to final profiling and polishing. The Scandinavian styled seax polished up and ready for the etch. The ancient grain Mark created peaking through! This one has some weird cloudy halon-like areas and some super fine grain. The handle on the larger seax gave me a lot of problems. The birch loved to split on me and I had to constantly re glue it together. The Anglo-Saxon seax took a lot less time and was much easier to finish up! Here you can see the next project on the list, my first langseax that I hope to have sheathed up before Fire and Brimstone! The handle did get finished eventually, though, and then I decided to try my hand at doing some simple leather tooling. I've never done this kind of thing before really, not satisfactorily anyway. The first one turned out a little rough, but the second was much better! Finished! Now onto the second! I did all the tooling yesterday in a few hours which was waaaaay faster than the first sheath. A few hours ago, both finished with matching fittings. Slightly closer, you can see the difference in the tooling styles pretty clearly here. I'll get better photos tomorrow before shipping out the Scandinavian style seax to Mark! Hope you guys like them
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