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Found 3 results

  1. Just saw this bronze dagger from Ancient Egypt, Middle Kingdom period. Probably +/- 3000 years old.
  2. By now, I know some of you have seen this picture. I added this picture as a starting point to the build. For this build, I started out with a 24" long piece of 1/4" thick leaf spring. I started with point of the blade and worked my way to the handle. I was thinking of doing a barb-style hook, but I opted not to. Once I got the general blade width determined, I worked my way to the offset. This is where it got a little tricky. Once I figured out how long I wanted the cutting edge to be, using a corner of the anvil, I started the offset. After a little over 6 hours in the shop, this is what came out. I have the basic profile I was looking for. I slightly hammered in the blade bevels just to get a rough idea. Granted, it turned out to be a little different that the initial design drawing, but I can totally live with this. I honestly cannot wait until I get this one done!
  3. I was talking with a very good friend the other day. During the conversation, the topic of craftsmanship came up ( as it kind of often does). He asked me if I had heard of Jot Singh Khalsa. I must say, up until then, I have not. My friend proceeded to pull Jot's web page up on his phone. The work he does is simply beautiful. To this point, I haven't really cared too much for Middle Eastern and other foreign styles, but after seeing Jot's work, I was intrigued. Later on that evening, I got on his site and had some time to really take in what was presented to me. Seeing his work has inspired me. With all of that being said, I have had a design doodled out for a khopesh. I have done a little research on them and have seen some modern-made ones in action. Simply put, I want one. So, here's what I'm figuring, combine the khopesh with some inspiration from Jot's work. To me, it seems kind of natural. My question is this: Should I or shouldn't I? Below is a drawing of a slightly traditional khopesh drawn to 1:1 scale (actual size). Let me know what you think.
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