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Found 2 results

  1. Just starting to build my smithy and I need some advice. I recently abandoned my previous hobby of home brewing and after selling some of my equipment, I would like some experienced direction on where to spend wisely. I’ve managed to find a few anvils, make an anvil stand and purchased a decent MIG welder. So now I’m looking for a forge and possibly a belt grinder? - Forges Would it make sense to purchase a professionally built gas forge? If so, what would be a worthwhile investment? I’m located in British Columbia, Canada and its not something that is locally available. I understand that forge that uses a blower is far more efficient. If building is a better option: 1. I’ve read that soft firebrick (kiln brick) is the best choice IF taking the brick route. I could probably weld a frame together to keep the firebrick together, but should I mortar them together using refractory? And should I be using a harder brick as the floor of the forge? 2. I have a few stainless-steel quarter kegs left over from my brewing days, which I could convert into a forge. Would this make a good forge body? In this case, should I use kaowool and refractory cement? - Belt Grinders I’ve seen belt grinders being used extensively. Is this something that is worth purchasing? Over the years, I’ve been collecting electric motors and managed to find a 220V adjustable speed motor recently. I think that’s it for now, thank you for your help. Joe
  2. My dear friend and mentor, Tim Hancock, is selling his major shop equipment. Contained in the list are: (2) Bridgeport milling machines, STC Striker power hammer, J&L 2x72 belt grinder, Reid surface grinder, 9" disc grinder, Baldor Buffer, Gorten Pantograph, and a floor model drill press. See attached flyer with basic info. If you want more info, send an email to: hancockshopsale@gmail.com and I will send you the link to the shop sale webpage. Please do not post a reply to this thread with questions, as I will not be monitoring it (I have too many web announcements to monitor!) Thanks for viewing. Moderators: If there is any problem with this post, please contact me directly and I will correct any errors. Thank you. Flyer V3.pdf
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