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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, newbie here. I'm new to the forums, and they are indeed awesome! But have forged a bit for the past few years. Mainly my problems have always been that I can't have a permanent forge set up, so I spend as much time cobbling up a set up as I do using it... Anyways I have been using lump charcoal for all my forging over the years, and the two brands I have used, are definatly not optimal for forging. I want to set up a gas forge, but I need to design the right one before I drop very much money on materials. So. I suppose I am looking for advice. I Kinda want to know: A, Which type of charcoal is best, hardwood or softwood. B, Would it be better to screw around trying to make it myself or just find a supplier as I can't imagine needing very much. C, Where the heck a supplier for forging quality charcoal could be found. I tried google to no avail. I may just say the heck with it and get going on a gas forge... Looking forward to your guys responses! Sveinn
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