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  1. For the desk top warrior ;-) Very thin 4" blade with an overall length of 8.75" Damascus, mokume, ebony, and silver. I will make a simple, but elegant leather cover before sending it out the door. High resolution images, so you can click, then zoom in to get a better look at the damascus and mokume. Price is $850.00 Let me know if you have any questions :-)
  2. Simple little project for sale at $600. Tightly patterned damascus blade with an edge length a hair over 3" with a mokume band transitioning to the African Blackwood handle.
  3. I have been on a bit of a mokume kick as of late. That and working in a fashion that requires me to look at things a bit more closely, and work a bit more tightly. The mokume collar was formed, then worked onto and soldered around a metal core. Each time I have made a knife with a mokume band, I have used a different technique/construction. Each time I learn something new. The blade is 15n20 and 1084, the handle is cocobolo, the mokume is copper, silver, 5%Ag 95%Cu, and 20%Ag 80%Cu, and the inlay for the sheath is salmon skin.
  4. SOLD 105mm edge length Sole authorship Damascus blade, flamed walnut handle, shibuichi spacer, silver pin Very light, very comfortable in the hand. Comes with a brown ostrich leg sheath. Price is $450.00. PayPal and (basic) shipping included
  5. A sizable chuck of time went into this project, and I am very proud of the results. The mokume is fabricated from silver, copper, and two different copper/silver alloys I cast and milled for the project. The rest of the fittings are made from the same metals. The blade is 15n20 and 1084 and has an 8 3/4 edge length and is 13 3/4 overall. The area just behind the guard was fabricated hollow and has an African Blackwood core while the pommels fabrication is mostly solid. As a result, the blade is very light and very well balanced. The handle itself is also African Blackwood. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
  6. A fairly recent project, small size and tedious to make. The edge length is 2 5/8" and the handle is African Blackwood The mokume is copper, silver, 5%Ag 95%Cu, 20%Ag 80%Cu. The later alloys I cast myself. The damascus is 15n20 and 1084. I will be making a scabbard for this piece shortly and will post up photos when it is finished :-) This one is a personal favorite
  7. Pictured is a new knife I made. It would make a great steak knife or kitchen knife, but could also be used as a carry knife. Here's some info on the blade: OAL: 8.5" from back of handle to tip Blade Width: 1.25" at widest point Blade Thickness: 1/8" thick at thickest point with a distal taper to the tip Blade Material: 1095 with a hot brine quench Blade Finish: Nice reflective satin finish Scales: Bocote with a REALLY nice grain pattern The blade is HAND FORGED - not stock removal - and the handle is secured with three brass pins and adhesive Asking $200 $170 $125 and ships FREE in the contig. U.S. The transaction will be made through PayPal First to ask gets it, shoot me an email at YozakuraForge@gmail.com or PM me Thanks for looking, I appreciate it. -Grant
  8. I broke my crappy first anvil , it was a chunk of rail way cast iron and my forge at the moment isn't up to my standard of heat out put so I have to stick with just plain stock removal at the moment which is proving to be tedious lol these are cut out if 1095 cra, I heat treated them since they are thin I I used motor oil to quench and then in the oven at 440 for an hour , I should have done two separate hours but only did the one , the mini chef knife was still so hard a new file would barely scratch the tip ! I worked out the scratches with 220 wet dry sand paper , and polished up some with wet 500 grit , next I'm going to use a wedge handle on the chef and a bocote for the mini hunter more pics to come later
  9. I know it's been a while since I've been on, but I just finished this commission piece. The customer wanted Bowie and instead of making just a regular one, I opted for something a tad bit different. I wanted to do a piece that paid homage to the original, but slightly updated. I came across a few pictures of one that was used during the battle of San Jacinto, Texas. The lines, shape and overall coolness sealed the deal. What you see here is my take on that blade, with some subtle changes. Instead of having 6 to 8 pins for the handle scales, I used 4, along with a brass guard and walnut scales. The blade is forged from leaf spring.
  10. Up for sale is a project I have dubbed Walnut Thief. This fighting knife has an edge length of 8 5/8" and an OAL of 13 3/4". The guard is carved from phosphor bronze while the collar is fabricated from mokume, made with silver, copper, and two shibuichi alloys. I made the mokume and cast the shibuichi alloys. The spacers are silver, the handle is made from a beautiful piece of flamed walnut, and the blade is made from my own damascus. The leather sheath is inlaid with black stingray skin, front and back. The catch on the front matches the guard. The price of the project is $3,200 Thank you for looking :-)
  11. Up for sale is a short yataghan style blade. The cutting edge is 10" and the OAL is 15.25". Damascus blade and bolsters are made from 15n20 and 1084, mokume spacers are bronze, silver, and copper. MS JD Smith made the mokume. Scales are fossil ivory and each one flairs out to 3/8" thick at the end of the handle. This project is full of curves, there are no flat surfaces to be found. No longer available through Bladesmiths Forum! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :-)
  12. I just finished these up this morning. After seeing me do another Bowie, my friend wanted me to make him a pair of smaller versions. The blade blanks were forged out from leaf spring scraps I had from previous projects, then shaped, ground, and heat treated. The brass guards are from some bar stock, and the handle material is walnut. My friend wanted true coffin style handles, which I haven't tried yet, but these came out nicely. I beveled the handles to mimic the old style coffins, so the handles now have an octagon cross section and an awesome hand feel.
  13. For sale are two pieces I made with Jason Morrissey utilizing some of his beautiful steel. Each blade fits securely inside of a purple heart scabbard, the smaller (bottom) with a dark blue leather backing, and the larger (top) with a loop and exposed wood. The blades are made from 15n20, 1084, and 1090. The handles are bloodwood with silver and wrought iron spaces, and bronze pins.The wrought iron has a black oil patina. The larger has a 4.25" edge and is 8.75" OAL. The smaller has a 3.625" edge and is 8" OAL. Thank you for looking :-) (Large) (Small)
  14. Here is a recent commission I finished up. Liner lock, sole authorship, pattern welded blade and bolsters, SS liners, SS bushing, 0.005'' phosphor bronze washers, 0-80 machine screws, and black lip MOP scales. This was my first go at a project like this, and it was a lot of fun to make. I look forward to continuing to explore the world of folders. Comments, questions, and critiques are more then welcome.
  15. 3 5/8" blade, 7 7/8" overall Sole Authorship Hands down one of my favorite projects I have made. Small and functional, beautiful steel that can be appreciated far away as well as up close. The spacer is mokume with fine lines of copper, silver, and bronze. African Blackwood handle with a very smooth matte finish. Asking price is $650.00 Domestic shipping included
  16. Hey Folks, Here are the finished photos of a pattern welded kitchen knife I recently finished. Thanks for looking. Recycled bandsaw blade, 1084, recycled wrought iron Rosewood, brass, Birds Eye Maple, Walnut
  17. Hello, everyone! Long time no post--I imagine most of the folks on here won't even remember me, these days . After forging my first knife under the guidance of Tai Goo about 7 years ago, I visited a couple local bladesmiths to help me learn a bit more, but after that, I dove into leatherworking because I was living in apartments and couldn't set up my own forge. Now, though, I have a house, so I built a forge and got myself a fairly wimpy little old anvil. Probably about 5 years ago, now, I visited Cris Anderson with a bar of 1084FG and a plan to make a tanto, and he helped me shape the tip and get a bevel started, which is what you can see in this image: Now that I have my own set up, I was excited to finally get back to work on it! I still have more to do, but here it is with a base bevel down the entire length: Right now, most of the edge is about nickel-thickness, or a little thicker, so I still have some thinning to do on the edge. There is also a bit of a twist at the tang, but I can fix that (I think ): I'm not really going for a fully traditional tanto with this project, but it's a fun thing to play with. When I put the bevel in, it curved quite a bit, as you would expect, and I took about half the curve out of it with a chunk of wood, but I wasn't sure how much to take out of it, at this point. I was planning to try claying it up and doing a differential hardening, despite the fact that 1084FG doesn't take a hamon all that well, and as I understand it, quenching in oil (which is my plan) will have a tendency to cause negative sori and straighten the blade out. With that in mind, I left some curve in it, but maybe my thought process is off? In any case, once I thin the bevels out to where I want them, and take the twist out, I plan to take it to the belt grinder to clean it up a little bit, but I want to get the majority of the shaping done with the hammer, if it all possible. Then, it'll be on to hardening and tempering, a little sanding/polishing/sharpening, and a simple wooden tsuka and saya.
  18. By now, I'm sure most of you have seen the colonial folding knives I've done. Since then, I have started making more because of orders and I still have more to make after that. In the first picture is my first folder along with the walnut handle with silver work and inlays, which everyone has seen. The next two knives were custom ordered. In the third picture, the folder has mahogany scales with the customer's initials wood burned in. The last picture shows the latest one with quilted? maple and a stainless steel spring saddle.
  19. I have been asked from time to time if I have ever made a folding knife. Up until now, the answer was always 'no'. It wasn't because I didn't want to, I just wanted to find a design that was different than most of the ones I have seen. Off and on, I chased the idea but nothing decent came along. I knew I wanted to do something along the lines of what would have possibly been around during the American Colonial era. I finally came upon the knife made by Steve Nowacki. His knife was exactly what I was looking for. What you see here is the beginning. The blade is forged from a piece of coil spring, along with the spring. I still have a little ways to go yet, but the progress is being made.
  20. After my first folding knife was made, a good friend stopped by to see it. After about a half hour of him trying to buy mine, he decided he wanted one with some 'subtle' differences. So, here's the current run-down of the touches he wants: Purple Heart for the scales, polished blade and spring, silver spring saddle, silver diamond pin rosettes, silver heart inlaid in the wood, silver pommel scales with blind silver pins, bronze pivot pin, bronze finger-pull rivet on the blade, bronze spring saddle rivets, and stainless steel inner scales and pull-ring. Yeah, he's not asking much. lol Everything on this knife is going to be polished, including the Purple Heart scales. What you see below is the progress made so far.
  21. Things got a bit strange when I started taking pictures of this new knife More or less normal, but then... To the other side Maybe this happened because I just watched Galaxy Quest + some Star Trek. Also, shocking news about the "discovery" of the ninth planet might have destabilized the time/space between my ears. Steel is Stenco Leuku, Handle bog oak (thank you Hloh!) with sterling silver pins and bolsters. Blade edge is very very thin and sharp, and as hard as possible - got to have that for mushrooms, cucumber, garlic, chili and other demanding stuff like that.
  22. hi guys, this is my first post here, I hope you like it and i glad to answer all inquiries. and sorry for my bad English. STEEL is high carbon (1% C) 19 191 with hamon. toughness 58 hrc HANDLE, leather rings and antler. fixed by epoxy adhesive and one copper Rivet. the left knife: overall length 37 cm, blade length 21 cm price 100 dollars plus shiping. the right knife: overall length 34 cm, blade length 20 cm price 100 dollars plus shiping. middle knife is not for sale the blades are without sheath. my fb site: https://www.facebook.com/kovarstvikundera now with sheath!!! this is the "small" one. price 120 dollarts plus shiping
  23. Over this past weekend, my aunt came to visit. Her boyfriend is really into history, hunting, basically anything outdoors. She told me that he has a collection of different knives and such and she took some pictures of the work to send to him. He called her back and asked if I ever made a patch knife because he wanted one. In all honesty, I had no clue what he was talking about, so I did some research. Boy, was I surprised! I decided to go ahead and make him one as a gift and to also try something a 'little' different. This is what I have so far. Hard to believe this was forged from about a 1" diameter coil spring from a train car. I still have a flat grind to do, then time for hardening and tempering. I cut some scrap walnut for the handle. I'm kind of aiming for a slightly historical piece seeing as how he's into history. From what I've seen and read, the knife was mainly used for cutting off the excess patch cloth that stuck out of the muzzle of the barrel. The knives were also kind of a utility piece as well. This is going to be the smallest I have ever attempted... so far, so good.
  24. Here are a few clip point hunters I have made. I haven't been able to get in the shop much, so it was nice to pound out these two.
  25. It's been a long while since I've last showed any work I've done on here. When I last tried to post something the site was having a fit and I lost most of my entry and gave up. So I'm going to give this another go. This is a knife that's been laying around the shop for several years now and only just recently got finished. The blade was forged out of a German chainsaw bar and the handle is... Ash, I think, it was chunk of wood from a pallet that was used to forged the blade and the color is from lightly burning it with a torch. The wood slabs are held on by copper wire rivets. The overall length of the knife is 19" from end to end. The maker's mark on the blade is not mine but my teacher's symbol. Most of the forge work was done while I was apprenticing under him and so bears his mark as I did not have one. I made it for my dad and seeing as Fathers day is tomorrow I think it will make a suitable gift.
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