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Found 4 results

  1. These just arrived yesterday. I'm anxious to get started, but right now, I have to get into the garden, and fix the roof.
  2. The legends of giant humans appear across many cultures and giants are attributed with varying personalities and tendencies. Some are friendly and cohabitate with "normal" humans, others are fierce and warlike, even among themselves. Some anthropologists have written these legends off as evidence that the Vikings traveled far and wide across the planet, others poo-poo the idea as simply mythology and exaggeration. My personal view is that the stories are so universal across the planet, the stories are either based in fact, or the trade routes were far more complex than we can imagine and the stories spread with travelers. I came across this article on Yahoo today and couldn't stop myself from reading them and watching a few of the videos. http://listverse.com/2016/05/07/10-alleged-discoveries-that-suggest-giants-existed/
  3. So while doing some file work on another knife and listening to some music i was suddenly inspired. The song i was listing to is preformed by a swedish metal band called Amon Amarth very deep into viking mythology. The song was Destroyer of the universe and describes the giant surtur who rises from muspheliem to literally destroy the universe and wage war on the asgardians and such. So somehow or another it struck me that i must when i have the skills enough to forge a beautifully pattern welded viking blade themed and of course made to look as if it would be weilded by the mighty surt himself. I'm thinking of some sort of flame like pattern for the blade as his sword is depicted as a flaming sword with blackened iron fittings and maybe some silver rune inlays fro contrast on the black fittings. What do you guys think any suggestions... ideas. I also did some research on Surtur and such but if i'm wrong somewhere or anyone wants to chime in with more mytho knowhow that would be appreciated also i am in no position to start work on this blade now definitely a future project. I'll probably at some point put up some sketches but be warned not an artist but you guys should get the general idea. P.S also have lots of research to do.
  4. Hi everyone, Today i have made these sketches of two celtic daggers. I have inspired them on several excavated artifacts from the La Tène period. I haven't been busy with sword designing for long, because i am quite young still, so i would really like to learn and improve. So if anyone has tips or critics, i'd be happy to recieve them! Have a lovely day! Jasper
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