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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening all. I just wanted to poke my head in and say hi. I'm new to bladesmithing, and just got my first piece of o-1 steel, plus a few tools, and am looking forward to crafting my first blade. I've always have had a fascination with blacksmithing since I was a kid, and finally, 25 years later, I've decided to pursue my passion of blacksmithing knives, swords, and tools. I just wanted to thank all of the masters and grandmasters for all of their invaluable posts, advice, and suggestions. I'm looking forward to start crafting!!
  2. Hello all from North Carolina! This is my first entry to Bladesmiths Forum. I am a beginner and am working diligently to create my forge so i can start learning the Art of blacksmithing. Im 29, and have a LONG road ahead of me to learn this ancient art, but i thought you guys might want to see what kind of stuff i like to do.. Its rough..i know..please dont be too harsh..haha The metal used is Plain steel bar stock from Home Depot, the guard and pommel are from a old furniture bit a neighbor was cutting up, and the wrap is "magic tape" over crude oak slabs and copper pins. The beads are hand ground deer antler with a antler tip on one over leather. Me and the wife call this "Pheonix"..you know the story.. I work on my front porch with a small drill vise and occasionally i get to use the neighbors workshop until i can put my forge together.. I have a anvil made of a old bit of railroad and ill be upgrading as funds permit to allow better projects..any help is appreciated..lol
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