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Found 1 result

  1. Each year I burn wood debris created during cleaning, branch trimming and stuff created by fallen trees. Burning this material in/over a pit seems to create a better fire ( less smoke) and provides the opportunity to save the charcoal created . Below are some pictures of the process, I think they are self explanatory ...at about 15 hrs after covering the pit the steel plate is still to hot to touch...indicating high heat capacity of the content ( may not be good news) or the heat held by new brick pit is something I need to become familiar with, or air is somehow getting in. I do not recommend this method nor the charcoal it produces ( very soft and friable and lots of fines) but I need to do this anyway and hate to see it all go up in ash and smoke. Here are some pics, The steel plate can not be removed until the metal feels cold..Hole is 4ft deep 4 ft diameter... By the way there no smoke created during this process. Jan
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