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Found 2 results

  1. So the other day when I was taking a walk, I saw for the upteenth time my neighbor's woodpile. Knowing that that wood had been in the same location for several months, I made a guess to say that they weren't going to use it. I ask and was corrrect. Perusing the lot, I found the reason they had to trim the tree: rot. Most of the wood is too rotten to be any good. but the few bits I picked up were alright. These are what I've processed so far. All of it got two hours in the oven at 170 F turned every half hour. The warpage and cracking was minimal since most of the wood was already. What I got thought has me excited for my next handle. Oh one more thing, has anybody used maple bark as a sheath? I'm thinking I could use some birch bark glued to maple bark to make a sheath. Cheers!
  2. Has anyone ever used pacific northwest cedar for knife scales? I have a ton of it sitting around from the old fence and I was wondering if anyone has done it. I know cedar is pretty soft (one reason I love working it), but if one were to temper it, would it get harder? Is it just not worth the time.
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