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Found 3 results

  1. Dear All, I am considering buying some 15N20 and 20C from Nordell knives (www.nordellknives.com). I have tried Aldo, emailing and using the website but for some reason it will not let me select a length for the bundles.... so I can't order any. Furthermore, the postage is cost prohibitive to the UK... My question is, has anyone ordered from Nordell before and such? Just doing a quick check before I part with any well earned cash... Thank you as always for your help and guidance, James
  2. Ok, Ive set up a rudimentary blog, simple I know, but this way I can share my photos while still overseas. I will update the site periodically. I hope you enjoy them. John Rigoni johnrigoni.tumblr.com
  3. Making my way through the "$50 Knife Shop" and there is a constant reference to refractory bricks in his design of 'the worlds smallest forge'. Having searched online all i can find is refractory cement which would be fine as i could just make my bricks with wholes in from the start except that he mentions soft and hard bricks. I realise mostly this is a non-british board, but if anyone was in the UK, speficically near the London area and knows where i can get ahold of this stuff I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Apologies if this should be in the beginner section, wasn't sure where t'put it. Cheers lads
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