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Found 8 results

  1. Lightweight W2 custom harpoon clip point bowie with a beautiful hamon. Full tang construction. Removeable Carbon fiber, blue and black g10 scales. Titanium hardware with stainless steel pivots. Kydex/ leather sheath with American flag made by Grommets leathercraft. Slight wear marks from being inserted/ removed. Asking $400 shipped in the lower 48. Check out more work on instagram rmor_knives. And rmorknives.imgur.com.Thanks for looking. 7 inch cutting edge, approximately 2 inches wide. Unfortunately I currently have no scale to measure weight. Feels light in hand for size
  2. Hi, here's one I just finished up. Camp chopper in small form. Blade is w2, fittings heat blued damascus and copper, and the handle is some really lovely maple. Almost stained it, but really liked the natural color. Almost white it's so pale. Really happy with the hamon on this one, tons of chatoyant activity. Still not the choji I seek, but I get a little closer with every blade. Thanks for looking, Justin
  3. Hello Everyone, I am taking a break between jians. Actually, the customer doesn't want any pics of his jian posted, so I can only show the simpler stuff I am working on. I have to admit, these sorts of knives are by far the most fun to make. I just love them. They are my favorite for hunting, too. I hope you like. These are W2 and ziricote. I wish the whole board I had was the same as the top handle. Unfortunately, some of it is not. Thanks for looking, kc
  4. Here is the latest. I called it the Rifleman's Bowie because I took a picture of it with my rifle. That's pretty much it. The steel is Aldo' W2, differentially heat treated to produce a hamon. The hamon is ok, not as active as I wanted, but them's the breaks. I had already heat treated it twice and I had no desire to temp the fates for number three. The wood is stabilized maple burl, which the pictures hardly do justice to. It is gorgeous, with tons of birdseyes, little whorls and other cool stuff. I'm just not good enough with a camera to bring it out. The fittings are silicon bronze, lightly textured with a wire wheel, and then patina'd so it isn't so shiny. Shiny is stupid. There is also a small spacer of cocobolo that separates the bronze pieces. OAL: 12.5 inches (31.75cm) Blade Length: 7.5 inches (19cm) Let me know what you think! Thanks
  5. Who can forge down 2 1/8" W2 stock from Don Hansen? I have about 8 bars I need broken down and Michael Pikula isn't currently available to do it. Thanks, Art
  6. Hey guys I hear treated this tanto last night and decided to give it a test etch before I grind it down. Still need to do a little straightening and the hamon runs off very close to the machi but overall I'm stunned. Tell me what you think and feel free to critique!
  7. Hello all, it has been a while since I have posted anything getting married can make one busy But I have been developing a new production line I wanted to show and get opinions on. I will be posting all of the new knives and versions on this thread so as to not inundate you guys with pictures of knives that are too similar. When I was initially designing this knife I wanted it to be tough and efficient, but still small enough for everyday use, so no more than a 4 inch blade. Ultimately I plan on having a 4 inch blade model, 3 inch blade model, and an ultra light version of each. The first prototype I made out of W2 and it came out with a nice wicked little hamon and I have to say it is a mean little knife. With all that being said here is the knife and I'd love to hear what you all thing of it. Spec: Steel: W2 Blade thickness: 3/16 tapering to 1/8 on the tang Blade length: 4 1/8 inches Blade width: 1 1/4 inch Overall length: 8 3/4 inches Weight: 5.2 ounces Handle material: Desert Ironwood Burl with leather spacers Pins: Stainless steel rod and tubing -Robert Burns
  8. This is a recent commision which has consumed my life for the last 9 months or so. It is forged out of 3/8" x 1 & 1/2" W2 bar purchased from Aldo Bruno, the NJ Steel Baron. The customer took a very active roll in the birth of this sword and had a hand in every step of the process. This would not work with everyone but, this time, it worked out beautifully and he has a true appreciation of all the hard work and artistry involved. Currently, the client is polishing the sword and it is between 900 and 1200 grits. I supplied it to him at a 600 grit finish. The owner of this sword (and his college age son) have been doing extensive cutting and he intends to use it during a cutting event sponsored by a local Aikido Dojo. I am eagerly looking forward to the event. STATS: W2 Steel 25" blade (right at the length of the largest historical example) 2 & 1/8" wide at widest point, just under 2" at narrowest point (1/8" wider than historical examples) 8" handle (from front of guard to end of rivet) Weight is just under 2 pounds (I added weight, in the form of lead shot, in the handle to balance the blade) Handle is constructed from Padauk wood, Cow bone, Bronze sheet, Steel rivet block, Lead Shot, and Epoxy Blade features a raised rib down the center, which is much wider than historical examples, with a re-inforced tip ~Bruce~
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