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  1. Hi everybody! I baught a Anvil a couple ou years ago and I have been verry intrigued about what it is and a range on old it could be. It is a english style, 171lbs and I could not find a makers on the web from the faint maring on it. Can anyone help me figure it out? Much apreciated.
  2. Vi bestilte en 50 kg ambolt fra Vevor for levering til 8412 Vestbygd, Norge - dessverre kansellerte Vevor bestillingen og skyldte på at transportøren ikke kunne levere på 3 dager. Det er klart at det ville ta mye lengre tid enn 3 dager å levere til 8412 Vestbygd, og det er ikke noe problem for oss. Er det noen i Nord-Norge som har lykkes med å bestille fra Vevor?
  3. https://www.oldworldanvils.com/the-bulgar-anvilitalian-style I've owned this for a few years but I never got around to using it as much as I should have. Its in good condition, no cracking or real dents though I did dress most of the edges already with a slight radius and there were a few light errant blows from a careful but unskilled smith. I didn't want to sell it but I'm moving to Germany then Switzerland and taking up serious mountaineering for the next couple decades. I just won't have the spare time or energy for the hobby until I settle down, and trying to bring an anvil with me makes no sense. I'm in Arizona near Chandler if there is anyone interested. I paid $900 to have it shipped to me, so I'd ask $450 or best offer since it is used but still in great working condition.
  4. Hey y'all, This is my first time posting here. This anvil has been in my family for as long as anyone can remember and I would like some help identifying it. From a previous post I know it is pre-1913 because the serial starts with "a". I was hoping someone had AIA and could help me figure out exactly when it was made. On the far left is has 211 and on the right it has A61515 I believe.
  5. Dons

    New anvil

    Beginnings of my forge…. starting with my Grandpas anvil. I don’t know it’s origins and not sure if these markings are dates or model # Any thoughts?
  6. Putting together a home forge and am on the lookout for an anvil. Was referred to Atlas Knife & Tool. They have a 117 lb anvil for sale for $469.99 which is among the best prices for a new anvil that I've seen so far while researching online. Does anyone know about this anvil or have any actual experience with it? Would love to hear whether it would be good to pick up or not, definitely don't want to waste my money. Thanks in advance! http://www.atlasknife.com/product/graham-anvil-117-lbs-4150-steel-not-cast-iron/
  7. Alec Steele got a custom designed anvil that weighs 140, specifically so it meets the criteria for ground shipping. I can vouch for the alloy and heat treat on these. I have no idea what he is going to be charging when he starts to sell them. I have been waiting months to share this with you all!
  8. Hello, this is my first post, i just bought a 66 Lb paragon anvil, it cost me $25 dlls but at that moment i did'n know how good it was, now I discover the ''sweden'' and ''paragon" tags on it and I wonder what is the real price of it and if it's a good anvil to work. It is in good condition, should I clean it? I am just starting on this so thank you for the advices and regards from Mexico!
  9. Hi Everybody. Just getting started into bladesmithing and am looking to buy an anvil. Just found a used anvil for sale locally but I don't know what kind it is or if it would be worth getting for bladesmithing. This is the only picture I have of it. I'm going to look at it tonight, but before I go it would be nice if i had an idea as to what brand it is and if it would be worth my time. The guy is asking $450 for it. Any and all help is very much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  10. Hey there, I'm new here. Like many others, I too bought an anvil and need help identifying it. It may (or may not) have a little bit of history in it that could be interesting (or not). I am located in Germany and the anvil i bought is definitely British. The shape is a classic "london pattern", just like a Brooks with a relatively thick heel.I'm pretty sure it's cast steel since the only hole is from the bottom straight up and the ring is fairly high pitch and long lasting. The only markings i could find are stamped on the opposite side of where you would normally expect the makers mark. They read as follows:RH1 1/4 cwt1945->So far I found out that the cwt is the weight (around 63.5kg) and 1945 is the manufacture date. The broad arrow denotes it was owned by the British military. No idea what RH means. I could not find a manufacturer with those initials. Maybe it means Royal Hussars but no idea if those even used anvils; and then the question of who manufactured it would remain.Would be interesting to find out where it was made, who made it and how it ended up here, especially because of the manufacturing date.
  11. Hi guys, I've just picked up a new - old - anvil here in Wales, UK, and I've been directed here by some blacksmiths as the place to go for any insights into age, maker etc. All I know is it is old - it's been suggested to me that it might be 18th century, and possibly a Mousehole, but I have literally no idea. Any insights or info would be gratefully received. Thanks. The working face is 11.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide, the bick is another six inches. The anvil is 11 or 12 inches tall. It has four feet and the body is pretty roughly made. There are no obvious markings - at least none that I can see.
  12. Dearest Hivemind, Just picked up this beautiful 3 1/2cwt. Raised lettering so likely cast base and clear welded face seam. Face is glass hard and looks to have only seen work once or twice in her life. Wondering if anyone knows the make and possible age? A Google trawl turned up very little unfortunately. Cheers as always, James
  13. As some of you may know, I was able to cast my own anvil that I was unfortunately unable to bring to market, but love to use! I now work at the foundry that makes the Rhino anvils for Incandescent Ironworks. This post, however is not about those either. This post is about some tiny anvils that we make as more of a desktop toy/paperweight. They are 6" from tip of the horn to end of the heel. They weigh about 3 pounds. The one pictured below is made out of a high-chrome white iron, but theoretically we can make it out of a variety of alloys, with or without heat treatment. If there is a big enough order, maybe as little as 100 anvils, we would even customize the lettering (instead of Wear-Tek, it could say whatever else would fit there). The opposite side looks just like the side pictured below (same lettering/logo). I would like to get a batch made of the same alloy as the Rhino anvils and get them heat treated, just for grins. Other than possibly setting rivets on them, these things are just for fun though. So my question to the forum: Do you think these would sell? Like if I were to contact Old World Anvils, or Blacksmiths Depot, or some place like that, would anyone think of buying one with their logo on it? Would the alloy and heat treatment be of concern to you if you wanted to buy one? I am quite interested to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks!
  14. Hello all, new to the board so forgive me for any wrong doings I might have done already. Today I bought this anvil from an Uncle. I can [barely] make out Peter Wright Patent on the side aswell as 1 1 15 155lb I believe. I already know I stole it at $100 but I'm curious if there is a way to know its age. I plan to use it for beginning my bladesmithing adventure.
  15. So I got a chunk of 4140 hardened steel for an excellent price on fleabay. And I found a stump up the road thanks to hurricane Irma. How should I mount it?
  16. Just finished my fullering device, a tool I only recently learned about and only recently learned how necessary they are. So I went ahead and bought a 36 inch steel rod 1/2” and it pretty much turned out just as I planned. The spring section is crudely forged and ugly but it’s very springy, and although some stuff is unaligned the two rods are aligned and fit well, so any suggestions or comments on it? Thanks. Spent about 25-30 mins on it PS: I know my anvil is ugly and tiny, it’s onlt $85 and all I can afford right now, the next best is way over my budget for tools
  17. Jaro Petrina

    New anvil

    "You are positivelly crazy, but .............resourcefull!
  18. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so if this post is out of line let me know. I'm just getting into the trade and I'm looking for anvil to buy, preferably about 100 lbs or heavier. I live in Washington state and I was hoping someone on here lived in my area and had an anvil for sale. Thanks!
  19. Hello, My main question here is "What kind of steel is a jeweler's anvil made from?" I had a plan to get a new anvil since the one I have been trying to use is in conjunction to a bench vise. Needless to say, it isn't great. So I looked around for anvils but most of the ones I have come across are cast iron (and cast iron doesn't make a good anvil.) Not wanting to give up, I found an old piece of railroad track on ebay for a good price and free shipping. My plan was to cut the 8" rail into two 4" pieces and grind the bases so that they would fit side by side. Next I would weld the pieces of track together so that they would be one piece and form roughly a 4"x 4" face. Next I was going to use a previously purchased jewelers anvil that my sister got and abandoned years ago. So, is the steel used for a jeweler's anvil a hardenable/good steel? Do you guys think my setup will work for an anvil? Let me know! Thanks! (I should mention that the jewelers anvil is just a 4"x4" steel block)
  20. Hi All, Recently I made a bidding on a anvil for sale nearby and ended up being the highest bidder \o/ The guy told me it was used in a smithery for some years and i figured it is in good shape let go for the challenge and try to get this beauty to its new home. She is ab 250 Kg / 500 pounts and was for sale at 145 euros, excluding the heavy workout. There is no stamp of mark so far i can see so i have no idea how old she is nor the background she came from... Maybe somebody can help identifying this anvil?
  21. hey guys, so recently i posted about an anvil asking questions blah blah. anyway i had this idea of upgrading my HB anvil by welding a piece of flat leaf spring on the top, do y'all think this might work? it would just be temporary until i find a used anvil.
  22. Howdy! I'm new here, so anyway I'm looking at 2 anvils right now, one is an NC 70 pound anvil. the other is one from eBay which is 5 pounds heavier, has a better center of mass, has a usable horn, and has a much larger surface area, and 20 bucks cheaper! but I'm a little scared to buy this unknown anvil from eBay. the nc anvil is $288 from centaur forge with 10% off my first order so it would be $259, and the eBay anvil is $240 (shipping combined). so anyway my question is done anyone have any information on this eBay anvil? should i go for it? heres this link. Table Top Shop ROUND HORN FARRIER WELDING BLACKSMITH SOLID 75 POUND STEEL ANVIL | eBa by the way I'm using an ASO HB cast iron anvil right now, so this will be an upgrade UPDATE, i just noticed a casting line on the horn...
  23. I am looking for an anvil or forge I do not care about the type, but the anvil must be at least be 10 lbs. Since I am on a tight budget If I can get an Anvil and forge for under $40 each I will be in good shape. Please message me if you are willing to sell.
  24. Yesterday I got my first anvil. It is made by the National Supply Co. Toledo, Ohio 150 pounds. I did some google searches and have not had to much luck other than finding out the most basic info. I have a couple of pic, but they are from my cell phone. I tested the rebound and it is about 80%+ by the horn. But there is a couple of spot were it looks like they tried to weld the chips in the edge and the rebound about 40%. I was wondering if any one else have this brand of anvil or have worked with one. I am more that happy with it...it is so much better than the piece of RR track I was using. Thank you, DW
  25. I finally got my anvil weight, she weighs in at 250kg (around 551 lbs) and boy am I happy, especially because I only paid 100 dollars or so for her and a new one of same size would run me 5000 dollars where I live. But i´ve been thinking, how do you polish the face of an anvil ? sandpaper or something more ? There isn´t any rust on the face should I just leave it be though it isn´t shiny ? [
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