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Found 2 results

  1. I actually made this one back in October/November as a Yule gift for my girlfriend's Wiccan girlfriend, but realized I forgot to share it. We knew that she didn't have an athame (too expensive, she said, but she's the type to not feel like she NEEDS one, either), and figured it would be a nice gift. I'm not Wiccan, myself, but I tried to be considerate of her beliefs and intent, and my girlfriend provided me with input on that. The blade is recycled farrier's rasp (both the recycling and the connection to horses are good things for her particular beliefs), with a yew handle (apparently the best wood for magic conduction) and natural-death horsehide spacers (the horse connection again), and copper pins (also good for magic conduction). Since Wicca is big on 3's, doing a triple normalize/quench seemed appropriate, and I did it on the night of a Full Frost Moon. She was very excited to unwrap it, and I hope it serves her well, even if I don't totally get it
  2. Okay, so I have this great apprehension of showing my work anywhere, especially here, due to the simply amazing quality of work that graces these pages. That being said, my meager contributions will only increase in quality if I force myself to suck it up and put my work out there. It's the only way I can get the proper advice on what to change in my approach, as well as anything else that may be lacking. It was a good learning experience, and I have a better idea what I need to not do in the future. The leather sheath, for example, was a first for me, but I hope to try some nice copper fittings next time. However, I would desperately love any advice and critique you great folks could give! Any-who, some background on this project My brother managed to get himself deployed with the Army before myself. He's been in the middle east for almost a year now, and is due to come home very soon. I vowed to get him a nice knife made up as a welcome home gift for when he gets back, and so I hit the drawing board. He is Wiccan, interestingly enough, and actually took over lead of organizing the military wiccans not only where he is stationed, but multiple other locations as well. He recently found out that he currently leads the only organized wiccan group in his area. So, I figure it a great welcome home present would be a handcrafted Athame, to honor not only his service overseas, but his spirituality as well. As he has a tendency to lean towards a more Norse style worship, I decided to blend seax and Athame into one, and make something not entirely accurate historically. SPECS o1 Tool Steel (probably gonna steer clear of this steel in the future and go with something like 1085 instead) Mild Steel fittings Red Pine and Black walnut grip (I chose pine as the decoration wood, because it was lying around, and I figured that as a ritual tool, it would not see the abuse of a work knife or weapon of war, and so a softer wood was not out of the question." OAL- 11 3/4" Blade- 5 3/4 Grip- 6" Well, here it is, let me know what you think! P.S. Sorry for the completely awful cell phone photos. Someday, I will get a real camera!
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