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Found 6 results

  1. Updated 2023-08-26 (this is a work in progress..) Note: The website is under active development and you may notice some colors and layout are not quite right, it is fine to use. About Smithlist Smithlist was started by myself and Lando Novak in January 2021. It was created in the hopes that we could make finding smiths, suppliers, schools, and related services in different areas easier. It also gives smiths and related services an opportunity to have new eyes on them, and hopefully help their shops or business in that way. It was up until a few days ago only for Canada, but I have now opened it up to North America (USA and Mexico to start). With that also came the move from the .ca domain to the .net which I completed a couple of days ago. I originally had planned to add more features as well as a marketplace, but alas Murphy had other plans, so for the last two years I have only had to time to maintain what was already built...... until now. I finally have the time to take Smithlist where I has always envisioned it being, lots to come! What is Smithlist? Smithlist is a searchable online directory where blacksmiths, bladesmiths, farriers, schools, and related suppliers can list themselves free of charge and those interested in their services can search and find them easily. A integrated marketplace that will allow people with listings (called "places" on the site) to add and sell their items is currently in development and will be ready in the next 1-2 weeks. Also planned are live streamed video interviews for those with listings and stores on the site, as well as live streams of smith and farriers doing their work. Why Use it? The more people that add listings and stores, and talk about it the more use and traffic it will get which is good for everybody involved. I have been getting some feedback from people that have listings currently and the directory is working. They are getting new eyes on them and sales that have come from Smithlist, and it should only increase from this point forward. Here are some of the things you can currently do on Smithlist Add your shop or business (called a "place") which will then be searchable based on location or map. Some people do not want to add an address, that is fine, it is not a requirement. You can add links to your social media, website, email, phone number, as many pictures as you like, and videos. Your customers can drop reviews on your listing, these reviews will show up on the front page. Post events on your listing, these are displayed on a calendar visible on your listing page. Submit blog posts and guides related to smithing or farrier work. Tickets - Sell tickets from your listing, could be handy for classes and the like. Marketplace - Full fledged marketplace (opened on 2023-09-15) More cool stuff coming to Smithlist in the next couple of weeks Facebook connect - You can connect with Facebook as a login to Smithlist. Once the marketplace is live you can also import any items from Facebook by simply inputting the URL. Full fledged marketplace which is integrated into your listing. Sell any smithing related items, chat with customers, configure shipping as you want, allow customers to follow your store, and much more. Auctions - Full auction system. Something I have seen work well in the past is live stream the forging of an item, it can be a series of stream if needed. You then auction off that item. Custom Orders - For the marketplace, will allow sellers to allow customer to build custom items based on materials and other conditions. Customer should be able to build a custom knife, receive a price instantly and order. https://smithlist.net
  2. Hello everyone, This is a unique piece. Knife forged with two sections of a boat chain link from Louis XIV: King of France, Call the Sun King. (1630 to 1715) the heart of the blade and make up 6 carbon steel sections to continue rendering the pattern. The case and tattoo of a frigate: bateay used at the time, as well as on the other side a kraken tantacle for the sailors' stories.
  3. Forging table legs.Table legs of metal with their hands,using hand forged fixtures for flexible components.Original design wrought iron legs for table from the forge Kovanca.
  4. Good afternoon, I am a beginner, no, I'm even worse than a beginner, I've never even put hammer to steel. (I've started putting hammer to aluminum though, so I'm not completely hopeless...I hope.) . Aaaaaanyway, I am DESPERATELY interested in learning how to smith (both blade and black) but at the same time, being a father of 6 and a husband, am a little gun shy to jumping in head first and dying. (Also, I'm still trying to bring my lovey wife around to the idea as a whole, so having some education under my belt would help) That said, I'm looking for beginner classes/an experienced smith who's willing to teach me the basics at the very least so I don't die first try. I live in Henderson but am willing to go anywhere in the Vegas valley to learn. I've found some classes in Tonopah, NV (highly recommended, but also 4 hours away), and there MIGHT be some starting in Vegas proper in the fall, but I'm ITCHING to start NOW! Thanks so much for your time/attention in this matter and your helpful suggestions. Really glad to have been accepted into this forum!
  5. well, my old forge from last year isn't really working out the way i wanted it to. it's hot, no place to hide from the sun plus a white hot fire makes it very uncomfortable, if not unbearable. these are some pictures of what it looks like now, and where i'd like to move it. I (hopefully) have my barrel stove kit coming down, with that i'll be able to start working on swords again. right now, with my little chimney stove thingy i can't work on anything bigger than about a foot, max, blade, tang and all. it sucks. so post some comments and suggestions and i'll start to post some of the work i'm doing on a couple of my projects. P.S. my shed and work area are a mess, i'm cleaning it up, but i was away for a couple months, what do you expect?
  6. So I have been making these long spikes with skulls forged into the ends and the bar stock. They are all made from RR Spikes. I make them pointy. Gives me a chance to work at forging tapers. Feedback is welcome. Oh and some key fobs.
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