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  1. So. I've been interested in blacksmithing for a very long time, but it's only this year that I've taken a good and proper, hard look at the mechanics and science behind it. How blades where made, hardening and tempering, that sort of thing. That coupled with my writing hobby, I was bound to think up a few fantasy blades. Most I scrapped almost immediately because they looked really cool and was about as useful as a toothpick, but I've been stewing about this one design for a long while now, and I'm willing to take the plunge to see what you guys think about it It's... A lot. XD You'll have to forgive my lack of artistic skill, but that's the idea I had. A sort of billhook-pick-hammer....thing. A sawbacked billhook-pick-hammer....thing. Two kinds of grinds in the blade, the chisel grind for the "knife" bit with a V bevel for the axe bit because it'd be easier to sharpen. THe handle I planned on simply being twisted metal, with a hook at the end to stop the blade from slipping out. I won't bore you with the details, but I tried to make a non-folding swiss army knife. If anyone has any design input, please tell me. It's why I put it there in the beginning
  2. UPDATE-Currently running this through my Instagram, but figured some people here may be interested as well. RAFFLE $25 Rules: Each ticket is $25, if you get 3 or more tickets they are $20 a piece. Limit of 50 total tickets To enter, send your payment through PayPal (friends and family only) to kevinkleinblade@gmail.com Include the message May 2018 and your Instagram handle, please follow up with a DM.  Numbers get assigned in the order I recieve payments. Raffle runs through May 15th when I'll pick a winner using an online random number generator. Shipping included within CONUS. Blade: 8.75" edge length, 13.75" OAL. Rosewood handle, silver spacer, silver pin.  Sheath: cow hide body, ostrich leg inlay, shark skin back. Good luck! PS, If your number is not picked, your payment will be applied to a future purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  3. Don't have the time to have this treated or mounted anymore. Made of 1075, and untempered. Measures 27.5 inches long overall, and has a 19.5 inch long blade. You can have it for 60 dollars and shipping.
  4. I first want to apologize for asking three questions so far on this blade, but I haven’t been able to find any good hidden tang making tips so I’ve been winging it and asking questions along he way. This is the best I was able to get, and it’s not that good, but any suggestions before I completely grind the blade and treat it? i know tang is awful but hopefully I can hide it enough and it won’t be an issue fitting it into the handle
  5. Hey guys, not exactly a "newbie", but I am finding zero information on how to create a napped finish on a blade; similar to how a flint knife appears. I have seen some work on here with a few examples but can't seem to find any details on how to achieve this result. Any advice you guys might have would be great thanks.
  6. I've mentioned before in my other posts that the steel I use is sort of thick, like maybe 1/4", so not too much but for my case too thick to make a tang out of. I don't want to make a hidden tang as I prefer scales so I have to forge/grind out the shape in the metal. How would I draw out the steel for the tang in a way that I flatten it but don't change the width much? I would experiment but I'm low on steel and would like to ask before I potentially waste what I have left, so my guess is to hit one side, then turn 180 degrees to hit, then 90 degrees to flatten, is this a good strategy?
  7. Hey Guys, Really new to blade making and i am chasing a bit of advice. I'm making a knife with a convex edge and i seem to be having a lot of trouble sharpening it. I guess the question how long should it take me/ how to i know when the edge is sharp/fine enough to move on to a finer grit sandpaper. I am working on the edge with 180grit wet and dry wrapped around some leather. I just have no idea how sharp/fine I should be able to get it and how to test it before moving to a finer grit. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. For the desk top warrior ;-) Very thin 4" blade with an overall length of 8.75" Damascus, mokume, ebony, and silver. I will make a simple, but elegant leather cover before sending it out the door. High resolution images, so you can click, then zoom in to get a better look at the damascus and mokume. Price is $850.00 Let me know if you have any questions :-)
  9. Simple little project for sale at $600. Tightly patterned damascus blade with an edge length a hair over 3" with a mokume band transitioning to the African Blackwood handle.
  10. Good day, my friends!I want to offer some mosaic blades. All blades are hardened(58-60HRC) and polished. Cutting edge is twisted pattern.Steels:1095+O1.Body is made of 15n20+pure nickel+1095 1)125*28*4.5.Price 100$+shipping 2)125*32*4.Price 140$+shipping
  11. I have been on a bit of a mokume kick as of late. That and working in a fashion that requires me to look at things a bit more closely, and work a bit more tightly. The mokume collar was formed, then worked onto and soldered around a metal core. Each time I have made a knife with a mokume band, I have used a different technique/construction. Each time I learn something new. The blade is 15n20 and 1084, the handle is cocobolo, the mokume is copper, silver, 5%Ag 95%Cu, and 20%Ag 80%Cu, and the inlay for the sheath is salmon skin.
  12. SOLD 105mm edge length Sole authorship Damascus blade, flamed walnut handle, shibuichi spacer, silver pin Very light, very comfortable in the hand. Comes with a brown ostrich leg sheath. Price is $450.00. PayPal and (basic) shipping included
  13. A sizable chuck of time went into this project, and I am very proud of the results. The mokume is fabricated from silver, copper, and two different copper/silver alloys I cast and milled for the project. The rest of the fittings are made from the same metals. The blade is 15n20 and 1084 and has an 8 3/4 edge length and is 13 3/4 overall. The area just behind the guard was fabricated hollow and has an African Blackwood core while the pommels fabrication is mostly solid. As a result, the blade is very light and very well balanced. The handle itself is also African Blackwood. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
  14. A fairly recent project, small size and tedious to make. The edge length is 2 5/8" and the handle is African Blackwood The mokume is copper, silver, 5%Ag 95%Cu, 20%Ag 80%Cu. The later alloys I cast myself. The damascus is 15n20 and 1084. I will be making a scabbard for this piece shortly and will post up photos when it is finished :-) This one is a personal favorite
  15. Up for sale is a project I have dubbed Walnut Thief. This fighting knife has an edge length of 8 5/8" and an OAL of 13 3/4". The guard is carved from phosphor bronze while the collar is fabricated from mokume, made with silver, copper, and two shibuichi alloys. I made the mokume and cast the shibuichi alloys. The spacers are silver, the handle is made from a beautiful piece of flamed walnut, and the blade is made from my own damascus. The leather sheath is inlaid with black stingray skin, front and back. The catch on the front matches the guard. The price of the project is $3,200 Thank you for looking :-)
  16. Up for sale is a short yataghan style blade. The cutting edge is 10" and the OAL is 15.25". Damascus blade and bolsters are made from 15n20 and 1084, mokume spacers are bronze, silver, and copper. MS JD Smith made the mokume. Scales are fossil ivory and each one flairs out to 3/8" thick at the end of the handle. This project is full of curves, there are no flat surfaces to be found. No longer available through Bladesmiths Forum! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :-)
  17. For sale are two pieces I made with Jason Morrissey utilizing some of his beautiful steel. Each blade fits securely inside of a purple heart scabbard, the smaller (bottom) with a dark blue leather backing, and the larger (top) with a loop and exposed wood. The blades are made from 15n20, 1084, and 1090. The handles are bloodwood with silver and wrought iron spaces, and bronze pins.The wrought iron has a black oil patina. The larger has a 4.25" edge and is 8.75" OAL. The smaller has a 3.625" edge and is 8" OAL. Thank you for looking :-) (Large) (Small)
  18. Here is a recent commission I finished up. Liner lock, sole authorship, pattern welded blade and bolsters, SS liners, SS bushing, 0.005'' phosphor bronze washers, 0-80 machine screws, and black lip MOP scales. This was my first go at a project like this, and it was a lot of fun to make. I look forward to continuing to explore the world of folders. Comments, questions, and critiques are more then welcome.
  19. 3 5/8" blade, 7 7/8" overall Sole Authorship Hands down one of my favorite projects I have made. Small and functional, beautiful steel that can be appreciated far away as well as up close. The spacer is mokume with fine lines of copper, silver, and bronze. African Blackwood handle with a very smooth matte finish. Asking price is $650.00 Domestic shipping included
  20. I wanna show my blades and the knives with my blades made by other knifemakers.One of them is stainless steel + D2 Best regards Roman.
  21. Sleek mid-sized knive. Sole authorship. 4.25" slow twist pattern welded blade, African Blackwood handle and scabbard, silver spacers and pins, wrought iron spacer with a glossy black patina. 8.5" overall. The knife pressure fits into the scabbard for a secure fit.
  22. This is my favorite project to date. It is an 11.5 inch blade, 17.75 inches overall. A very high layer count integral, around 2,500 layers. Low layer count damascus "ears" on the handle. The blade and the scabbard are both made from bocote, pattern welded steel and silver. The scabbard also has a hand tooled leather back with the loop inlaid into the wood so that it does not protrude uncomfortably. Price Sold!
  23. This is my favorite project to date. It is an 11.5 inch blade, 17.75 inches overall. A very high layer count integral, around 2,500 layers. Low layer count damascus "ears" on the handle. The blade and the scabbard are both made from bocote, pattern welded steel and silver. The scabbard also has a hand tooled leather back with the loop inlaid into the wood so that it does not protrude uncomfortably. Questions, comments and criticisms welcome
  24. Here is a little knife I finished not to long ago. Patten welded sides of 15n20 and 1084 with a core of 1084. The blade is four inches, eight overall. The scales and scabbard are made of Kingwood. The back of the scabbard is leather and it is held together with copper "staple rivets" Let me know what you think and thank you for looking!
  25. Thought I'd show off some more of our knives and leather work.... questions, critiques, comments, and especially compliments welcome... ha ha Blind tang, 1095, Clay & oil hamon, Cocobolo and Brass SAM_6068 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6069 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6070 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6072 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6073 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6075 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6078 by djs1984, on Flickr
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