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Found 1 result

  1. <p>It worked! This is the &quot;final&quot; configuration for my new forge. I started with Geoff Keyes' posting on care and feeding of blown burners and kept puttering until I got the temp range I want (1250F-2350F) with a nice smooth burn! I'm sure the squirrel cage fan is not really pumping 180CFM against the back-pressure even at full speed - but it's just right to top out where I want (2350F). I'd tried a 1-1/2" pipe first but it could get too hot for my insulation (rated to 2400F) and couldn't hold low enough for heat treatment w/out back-burn or flame-out. 1" pipe works just right for this forge!</p> <p><br /> I hope the notations are self-explanatory - - - I suppose I should add that the final 1" Connector is there to act both as a "bell" and to fill up the hole in the in the forge insulation. I want to be able to dismantle the forge and take it to hammer-ins - hence the modular, not-all-welded-up construction.</p> <p><br /> My 2 cents on blown burner design - enjoy!</p> <p> </p> <p><img alt="" src="http://www.elementalforge.com/images/ForMiscPostings/BlowerConfiguration.jpg" /></p>
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