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Found 7 results

  1. A Christmas gift made from home-made coloured glass - this is a full crystal with colours made from scratch at 770 °C (1420 °F) - the furnace was designed and built from scratch using refractory brick and a home-made insulating castable ceramic refractory with FeCrAl heating elements - software PID control and PWM modulation give temperature stability of +/- 0.5 °C - good for heat treating and melting some metals - I still want to make some improvements to the texture of the glass but getting there...
  2. Hi guys, So the time has come to make a copper San mai blade. I was thinking of doing a nickel outer shell. Then copper, then hardenable steel core. I'm open to any and all tips, recommendations, warnings, step by step of how you would do it, and what you would stay away from. anything else that will help me with this new goal. Thanks so much in advanced.
  3. Hello, I have 12000 meters of 4mm diameter copper wire. It is pure 99,9% copper. Unfortunately it is too soft for what i want to use it for. How can i harden it ? I have seen many ways on the web but none is adapted to such a large quantity. Please help. Thank you
  4. The Story: I made this knife the other weekend at a smithing demo my guild was doing in Myrtle Beach for a small ren faire. We had hammered away all day on custom pieces for people and as the crowd faded away toward evening one of the blacksmiths threw on some steaks. I realized I didn't have anything decent to eat or cut steak with so I quickly fashioned this eating knife so I could cut my steak with style. I also made a fork from a piece of old scroll work from Philip Simmons shop (he is our guild's name sake). The knife worked great and cuts steak like a boss. It also makes fast work of peppers. I threw a quick copper sheath together today and will probably wear it to another ren faire this weekend, if it doesn't sell by then. The Specs: It is made from 80CRV2. It is a super tough steel that can take a beating. This particular knife has a pretty think spine so it can also give a beating. It’s a great steak knife but also works fine with most vegetables (carrots are a bit of a trick but if you’re a viking you’ll be fine). It’s heat treated and tempered for a nice hard edge. The knife has a cutting edge of 3.5 inches and an overall length of 7 inches. The sheath is made from copper sheet. It can be strapped to a belt via a ring and leather straps or straight to a belt via the belt loop slots. Thanks for looking!
  5. This weekend I did the first castings at my home foundry sinds I moved last year. I'd build a furnace a year ago, but hadn't gotten around to using that one yet. But I wanted to make a few products to sell (though fine with keeping them too )The results are an early khopesh (Egyptian sickle sword), winged axe (Dutch), duckbill battleaxe (Levant), and an early copper age axe-adze (Bulgaria). For the latter I'd molten 2kg pure copper, which is more then I've done before with this set up. My furnace in operation. Not easy bellowing and taking photos at the same time
  6. This is a copper age reproduction of a copper axe-adze, typical for the copper age of eastern Europe. The original is from Bozuriste, Bulgaria, and dates to around 3500-3000BC. It is cast in pure copper, just like the originals. Edges are hardened by hammering (though still pretty soft due to being copper). It's also my first pure copper casting of such a size. It's 26cm long, and it weighs 1.2kg. I've left some of the roughness on, such as around the socket, as well as keeping the casting seems visible, keeping it as close to the looks of the originals as possible. Price as is 200 euro OBO, hafting is extra. As it came out of the mould:
  7. The wood I selected from my ever growing pile of cool pallet scraps turns out to be Palm, thus the name "Tropical Viking." This particular piece is patterned after Norwegian knives from the Viking Age. The knife started out as a piece of coil spring about 1/2" diameter by 3" long. I was demonstrating at the local farmers market and a few Boy Scouts and a Troop Leader were quite interested. They wanted to see me forge a blade and this piece of coil spring was in the stock bucket. I am practicing for an upcoming commission for a Rus Sax. This particular blade is not entirely historically accurate but, still good practice. OAL is 8" split up evenly between blade and handle (not counting the ring.) Fittings are copper. The wood, as mentioned, is Palm. Blade, at widest point by the guard, is 13/16". ~Bruce~
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