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Found 6 results

  1. So I wanted to do it all for my first knife. I made the Micarta myself, and did the kydex work as well. It is just a small neck knife, with a mustard patina. Never done this before but I'm happy with the turn out and I can see areas I need to improve in, but want to know what you all think. Thanks for all comments and critiques!
  2. So, I was cordially invited to participate in an iron smelt sometime this spring. In the discussion about how it was going to happen, I mentioned that I was preparing to make a bunch of softwood charcoal (https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=32964&page=13, post #253) and would gladly contribute all of it, should I be able to participate. So, today I tried it out. First I had to build the retort. I'm using the barrel off of a small cement mixer that the motor burned out. I cut the bottom off a barrel I got with about 45 gallons of heat treating oil for the burner area and made an opening for the burner. I split the wood into roughly 2x2x17 inch long pieces and loaded the retort. The cover is 3/16" plate with a bunch of drilled holes and a handle. I have an old plumber's stove (for melting lead) and I was going to use this as the heat source. After dicking around with it for about 15 minutes, I decided to just use some old pallet wood and build a small fire. After about 10 minutes, it started to off-gas through the holes in the retort cover. It was still smoking after the fire went out about 45 minutes later. I fed the fire a little anyway and it was cooking really well for a couple of hours. The funny thing is, it wasn't really hot. I could touch the top & sides of the retort with a bare hand. It's been cooking for about 3-1/2 hours now. and I'm letting it do its thing. More tomorrow morning.
  3. So I decided to be a bladesmith. The first thing that I find to be important is having the right equipment. I wont argue that amazing works can be made with a file, but I'm lazy. Over the coming months, I'll be building my own forge, 25 ton forge press, 2x72 belt grinder, tempering oven, tool cabinet, and probably some other stuff along the way. I'm very tempted to start with the belt grinder and tempering over. I could pretty much make a ton of good knifes with just that, I imagine. But I digress, project 1; Propane Forge! I've done a ton of research and learned a few things. Things I want to run by you guys as I explain my design choices. First off, I decided that the thickness of the metal encasing the forge is less important and it wont really get too hot if properly insulated. *except around the openings. So for the body, I'm going with .03" sheet steel tac welded to a fame of corner bar. As far as the door, imagine the whole thing as a block with the last 2.5 inches cut off, reinforced if necessary, and hung to another reinforced plate with 2 hinges. I'm going with a magnet and metal rod to open it and keep it closed. I figure I'll also put a harder holding hook on there when I wont be using the door, but rather the door vents. As far as insulation, I'm going with 2 inches of high temp ceramic wool and about .5 inches of high temp refractory. The floor I'm planning on lining with fire brick (2.5 inches) and about .5 inches of casted refractory. I am going to make the total inside area right around 800-850 cubic inches. The inner chamber dimensions will be 17 inches deep, 8 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. I plan on have a removable ceramic board wall dividing the chamber in half for the 95% of the time when I'll be using only 1 burner. I'm going with 2 venturi burners running on propane. For the vents, on the door I'm planning on a half circle 6" wide and 3" tall and on the back and dividing board, half circle 3" wide and 1.5" tall. That's pretty much it. What do you guys think?
  4. Hi just wanted to post my completed vertical forge. Love it except I would like to convert to blown air burner (need blower). Only thing I do not like is the way I sealed off top of forge chamber. I coated a piece of Inswool with Satanite and laid on top (it's under that metal lid). Now it's stuck on there and have no way of getting into the forge chamber for maintenance, dropped parts, etc. My fix for this is maybe a 1 sq ft piece of Duraboard cut into a circle to "plug" the forge chamber. OR since I plan to buy some Kast-o-Lite 30 soon, I may just make a casted circle mold to block the top of chamber. Duraboard is pricey so I'm leaning toward the later option. Anyway just wanted to post a pic. Feedback and/or tips are welcome. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hi everyone I'm new here but wanted to post my forge build, sorry if this is wrong place. Just lookin for any pointers or advise. Got two one inch layers wool, coated completely with satanite and been re coating one day for last three days. Fired burner few times briefly to help cure. Like I said just looking for any and all comments , ideas, etc. also sorry not the prettiest forge but I'm sure it'll work, used an old cast iron lid that fits perfect lol. I'll post more after its cleaned up. Thanks!
  6. I got it running today! It took me a good week just to get the blower working adequately. So here is the big question.... What do I do with it? I mean I have the general idea... but any pointers, tips, or suggestions on how to start? and here is a pic. -Gabriel
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