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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I've got a problem and need your help. I was drilling through water buffalo to. Make a handle and the drill bit broke inside and now it is stuck. Any ideas on how to get it out? It's in deep.
  2. Hi all, Im in diré need of your recos for a great tungsten carbide drill bit I've bought all brands and they keep breaking. Before you ask, yes I've taken all the precautions and still can't find ones that do the job right. Some will work for a couple of times and then break. If you could send me the link to your favorite bits I'd owe you big time. I'm looking for 3/16 and 1/4. Thanks.
  3. My summer hobby this year has been making knives from old files. Not surprising, I really enjoy it! Before starting, I did a lot of research on this forum and others about which file make the best knives. So I've picked up some old Simmonds, Nicholson USA and Black Diamond files at garage sales and ebay. After my first drilling attempt with a large bit (maybe 3/16 size) went off w/o a hitch, I broke it on my second file. Both were annealed, and duh, I wasn't using any oil. However, the subsequent 4 annealed files I tried drilling through dulled the bits very quickly. I thought that smaller would be better (less material to remove), so I had bought 1/8 and 3/32 bits from Home Cheapo and Lowes, the Milwaukee and the Irwin cobalt bits made for 'hard steel'. I went through 3 of them for one hole, lubing with 3-in-1. The most success I've had recently was with Drill Hog, after reading several good reviews. However, I have already broken 3 of the 3/32 and just ordered the 1/8. On a whim, I put in a 3/16 bit from a box of random bits I got at an estate sale (the guy had machined parts for airplanes apparently). Adjusted my drill press for the appropriate torque, oiled up a spot the Drill Hog couldn't pass and viola, nailed it in about a minute. For those of you who are making file knives, what brand of bits work for you? Do you find that smaller diameter works better over larger? I'd like to know what experiences you all have had. Thank you! The pictures are of the second knife I made, with the 3 big holes being easy. The handle is some type of Indonesian hardwood (a hardwood deck company near me throws scraps out all the time) and the pins are from a clothes hanger.
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