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Found 2 results

  1. I have looked back at a lot of folks posting about dust collection- Ive read the threads going back to pre-2015... Im looking to build a system for my small shop- and wanted to get some opinions/input before I jumped in from those who have gone before me (you guys)... As there is nothing really solid recently in the forums I figured I would ask for some input. I will be putting this system on a surface grinder as well as my 2x72 using blast gates or a "Y" switch at the input. My decidedly LOW TECH method of controlling ambient dust has been working very well so far but I have a LOT of residual dust landing on everything (neodymium magnets in sandwich baggies hung around the rafters- they get fuzzy QUICK. Easy to clean though- just turn the baggie inside out, remove the magnet, dump the bag then put magnet back in the bag and re-hang) Watched Neils series and loved it- and recently came across Dan Comeau's spark arrestor idea here: DC KNIVES SPARK ARRESTOR This solution mechanically mimics industrial solutions for the same issue, and would appear to be very do-able for my level of abilities. So I wanted to get feedback on using a Fan Blowing across me towards the dust inlet, a Water trap at the grinder inlet, then a Spark Arrestor in-line, and a modified Dust Deputy/ canister filter setup on the end... really trying to aim for cooling the sparks before the canister. I found a setup similar to what I would like to construct- it has a Dust Deputy mounted to a modified Chinese-Freight dust collector. The user modified the system and added a larger diameter impeller (In this blog he purchased a Rikon impeller). The larger impeller upped his CFM and static pressure. The video of the system is at the bottom of the page, and below that is a "blow by blow" tutorial- Here is the link to the blog-post: GRAYHOUSE STUDIO HF DUST COLLECTOR MOD So- My questions are: 1- Is this overkill? I do not think so as I already use partial face masks and 3M cartridge filters- but need to get the dust under control if I gear up or hope to keep anything clean! 2- One way to "boost" the system efficiency is to have a fan blowing on me towards the dust collection port as well- Does this sound crazy? (In lab situations and vapor spaces I have been exposed to the workers are in-line with the airflow to keep a positive pressure vent circuit in place.) Any thoughts are appreciated- Ive been gone far too long from this fellowship. Be safe and well!
  2. Looking at the cyclone style "Dust Deputy" and wondered if anyone has used or has input on using them in a "metal" (not wood) shop? Did a cursory search and have read several threads for dust collection- Im setting up a grinding section to the garage thanks to a recent surface grinder find that followed me home. So figured I would move the grinders into a dedicated space to contain as much as possible. Read Neils air baffle cleaner and that would be the best option- but Im in a one car garage and only have a limited area to play in. I already use 3M respirators and have an overhead circulating filter like used in woodshops. My best "air filters" are actually strong magnets hung about the shop in baggies to catch errant floaties (easy to clean- turn the baggie inside out off the magnet and toss!) I have 2 of the 20 inch box fans as well with furnace filters going in the main garage area to keep dust down as well.
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