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Found 1 result

  1. Gents, I am reaching out to ask if anyone (or all!) could help me with the blower motor. A few ran ago, the main A/C units had an irreparable leak, so as they replaced the furnace/AC combined unit, I asked them to save me some parts. I’d like to see if it can be wired to run normal household (120ac volts). It’s a GE 1/2HP 1000 rpms and has a capacitor, (brown wires go to the capacitor). I’d like to it in my shop if that day ever comes! If not, I can always find use for even the 1/2HP motor. attached are photos of this huge fan, I also have a photo of the induction blower motor, which I wired easy enough. Output is close to around 100cfm base on another squirrel cage fan I have already marked. I had set this up for my ribbon burner but there wasn’t enough force or pressure to push the mix through for proper combustion. kind regards, Gary LT
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