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Found 1 result

  1. Since you guys helped me decide to fabricate a fire pot and table vs. pay a bunch of money I thought I would post some photos my process in building a new fire pot, table, chimney, and tuyere/clinker breaker. One of my goals was to make this entire build as collapsible as I could to make it easier to move in the future. I decided on a table measuring 48" x 24" based on my space requirements. Next step: Designing the fire pot. I spent a long time micro-adjusting measurement to try and get a design I was happy with. The result is 10" x 8", not quite 4" deep, 2.75" diameter hole. Cardboard first. 3/8" plate second. I really wanted to try a clinker breaker design similar to the ones in Angele firepots. I've been using the "spinny triangle" clinker breaker for years and although it works, I wanted to try something new. The issue in design, however, is that because the clinker breaker moves straight up and down, the rod attached to the ball must be directly underneath the hole where the ash dump usually is. So my design is to have an offset ash dump which meant some funky fabrication. The ball moves up and down. The theory is that the ball pushes clinker up a bit to allow air flow into the coal and at the same time crushing smaller bits between the ball and the walls of the hole. We'll see what actually happens. Meanwhile... figuring out the correct location for the pivot holes underneath took some trial and error, but it works pretty smooth now. The railroad piece acts as the weight to pull the ash dump back. up I figured while i was at it I might clean up my hand crank blower that will be attached to this forge. Here are some glamour shots post cleaning, oiling, and painting the legs. There is some really beautiful gearing in there. Finally, I really want to try the Hofi style side draft as seen here: https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/23197-bp1048-side-draft-chimney/ It's 4' long, made from 1/8" sheet, and measures 12"x12". The vertical round pipe will be 10" diameter because I have a bunch of it lying around and that stuff is expensive. So we'll see if I wish I had gone larger. After a high-temp paint job along with some stove-black here's the whole set as it stands now: Thanks for looking. Critique and comments welcome of course.
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