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Found 12 results

  1. Hey from the UK, first ever time lifting the hammer. I know it's the wrong steel but I just wanted to start basic. Went for a tanto shape and then hit the files. Work in progress hopefully better things to come
  2. Hey from the UK. First ever attempt at this new hobby. Started a very basic coal forge with a hairdryer. I used rebar as my steel (I know its mild steel but I thought I'd start getting the basis first). Went for a tanto style and just got on the files. Work in progress
  3. So this is my first knife and i want to make a mini cleave because i like the way they look. I've only done a bit of grinding to get the shape a filing to smooth it out a bit. Its made from a scrap piece of leaf spring which is thick, making it quite beefy. The piece is a hair under 7mm but im on holiday so im for the job of working with such a thick piece. Any ideas and helpful critique is welcome and i also need ideas for handle mateial
  4. First ones been finished for a while I dont think I put up a picture with the sheath. Second one took a while. One in brown is the first one in black the second. The first one is out of 1084, the second 15n20.
  5. So I wanted to do it all for my first knife. I made the Micarta myself, and did the kydex work as well. It is just a small neck knife, with a mustard patina. Never done this before but I'm happy with the turn out and I can see areas I need to improve in, but want to know what you all think. Thanks for all comments and critiques!
  6. Well here it is. My first ever knife. It took me ages and didn't turn out perfect, but looking at it now i can hold my head high and be proud.
  7. I have to brag a little, My oldest daughter is a junior in college, majoring in engineering. She and her BF decided to make each other something for Christmas this year and since I was exploring knife making and had some tools and material she thought it was the perfect opportunity to make something he will certainly not be expecting. She has been working on it over a couple of weekends this month when she was able to make it home. She just called it done today. I think she did a great job for her first knife, her design was inspired from a bunch of internet searches, now she wants to keep it since it is her first and see if she has time to make another for him before Christmas. She started the new one today. I am really happy she is enjoying it, but my supplies are going more quickly :-) 1095 Steel, Black Palm Scales, etched with Ferric Chloride from Radio Shack
  8. Hi All, So while trying to find some images of my grinder build for someone I realised I have the images of my first knife here at work. I have shared this on the Aussie Knife Forum, but not here, so here goes. This is the post i copied and pasted from the other forum back in January - Have learnt tonnes since this and have a 72" grinder and a gas forge now. "So i thought i would share my first knife and its journey. Like most (?) we all started off very ambitiously i presume. I built the forge, and the tools to use at said forge. Then learnt a bit more (thanks youtube) and decided i would give this knife thing a go. Brought some 1075 and was told to go stock removal for a first. Check, did that. It wharped on HT so i tried to straighten it. Snapped the first 35-50mm off of the gyuto kitchen knife. Hmmm... So then changed plans and decided to make a Santoku(esk) knife. Fired up forge and went at forging my first blade from what was left. Nice! Then HT. Was straight, WINNING! Ok, back to files... Doh! this sucked. So I inverted my hand held belt sanded. Much better. Anyway, i can ramble on for ever about the process but i know you all came to look at the images. I am truly hopeful some of you out there will be able to provide some well thought out constructive criticism and/or as questions of why i did what i did so i can explain and then perhaps receive more feedback. So please have at it!!! Again, this is the first knife i have ever made, first HT (sort of), first temper, first polish, first handle, first WA handle, first everything... Here are some stats."Knife:Material - 1075Cutting edge - 170mmOAL - 325mmHeight at Heel - 50mmWidth at Heel - 3mm Tapered to - 1.2(ish)mmHandle:Material - Swamp Mahogany and CopperLenght - 150mmHeight @ ferrule - 28mmWidth @ ferrule - 25mmHeight @ end - 30mmWidth @ end - 28mm
  9. This is my first attempt at a heat treated blade I was just testing the hated mystery steel , this is a lawnmower blade and maple handle , I learned alot , won't be making the same mistakes again
  10. I quenched my first blade today. Sadly it picked up a very slight warp and, worse, I think it cracked. I heard a couple of "tiks" when I stuck it in the oil, and there appears to be a thin line about an inch long next to the spine. I've got it in the oven tempering now. I believe the problem was the blade was simply too thin. In any event, I plan to finish the blade regardless, as it will be a good learning experience. I hope to have better luck with my next blade. It's damascus that I made and much thicker than the first one. Here's the blade after quench:
  11. ok something that has really been bugging me is the different thoughts on RR spikes as knife steel i really want to make one but from what ive been hearing they are not very trustworthy due to spratic carbon content if this is the case should i just atempt to take the ones i have and trun them in to BBQ forks and steak turners or use them to make trial knives for hammer experiance?
  12. Hello everyone!I'm new on here. This is my first forged knife and first knife I've made in about 17 years! The Blade is made from a file and it was edge quenched in oil then etched in vinegar. The handle is made of apple wood and deer antler. I'm not entirely happy with it but I'm just happy to learn from the mistakes I made on this one. I had to use a diamond file to get a better angle on the blade after I already heat treated, tempered, and etched. So I need to do a little more finishing work on the blade as seen in the whole knife picture. Criticism is welcome!
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