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Found 2 results

  1. Just finished my fullering device, a tool I only recently learned about and only recently learned how necessary they are. So I went ahead and bought a 36 inch steel rod 1/2” and it pretty much turned out just as I planned. The spring section is crudely forged and ugly but it’s very springy, and although some stuff is unaligned the two rods are aligned and fit well, so any suggestions or comments on it? Thanks. Spent about 25-30 mins on it PS: I know my anvil is ugly and tiny, it’s onlt $85 and all I can afford right now, the next best is way over my budget for tools
  2. So I have the bar (multi-bar) drawn out to approximate size and am going to bird-mouth weld the end, fuller the blade and bevel the edges. What sequence of these three operations do most people use? I was thinking: 1. Bird mouth 2. fuller 3. bevel
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