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Found 3 results

  1. I am in the process of building my first propane gas forge. The question I have is it necessary to have extra vent to allow more oxygen into the forge? My forge is a square tube 8x8x12 horizontal forge. One end is welded close. The open end has a door on it with a 3x5 opening so that I can place my blades into the forge while it is running. The propane burner will be mounted on the right side 6" from the front of the forge, at a 45 degee angle.
  2. After finally getting my shop in order to start forging at home, I realized that as I was working the propane pressure was steadily dropping. Whenever I would try to turn the pressure back up, it wouldn't change anything. I had been checking it for leaks a few days prior and it all checked out fine. Any ideas on what I should do?
  3. So I built myself a forge a few months ago and I've finally gotten around to making the burner. Ive done copious research on LP and burner designs and such, but I figured I'd post a picture of it here, just in case someone sees a giant red flag that I don't and gives me a DEAR GOD DONT DO IT. I plan to test the burner tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. Pic is attached, the nozzle part goes in the larger, longer pipe (if it wasn't obvious). Thanks! Justin
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