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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, everyone! This will be my first post on the forum, I'm stoked to be here! So, I recently built my starter forge, and I'm noticing that it's taking longer to get up to heat that I would expect From this source, it seems like it should be about 5 minutes per inch of stock up to 3 inches thick, and mine is nowhere near that (like < 1/4"). I definitely have a hot spot, as I can get 2-3 inches heated up in about that time frame, but the remainder of a piece just stays pretty cool for a long time. I have left the metal in for 20+ minutes and still just heated up that section that's right near the flame. I'm wondering if my forge design is flawed, or if it might just be that I'm using a torch burner and not a purpose-built one. Attached are some photos of the forge in case a visual is helpful. Thank you in advance for your help! Ignore the piece of pin stock in the interior photo, that heats up no problem because it's so small.
  2. Greetings all, first timer here so still learning how to navigate the forums and loving every minute of it. Spent years planning to get my own shop running and wife finally kicked me in the rear to get on it before the second rugrat gets here. Recently scored an old 100 lb. tank from a home remodel I'm helping with and as I was planning where to cut into this thing i decided to see if it had any leftover pressure. I opened the valve all the way but nothing came out, tank wasn't heavy or indicating any liquid might be left inside, so i went inside for a quick lunch. Came outside and heard a quiet his and wouldn't you know it I had propane pouring out of this thing. It froze to the yard and has about half an inch of frost at the bottom and the exhaust port was froze over as well. Now I've seen propane tanks get cold and frosty while barbecuing but this is kind of new for me to see the tank half frosted over. And to boot when I moved it back to the concrete i can hear something similar to a slushey inside what I might guess is a third full of liquid. I have a newer 100 lb. tank for my forge plan and still want this one for a vertical heat treating furnace, but I'm unsure if I should use/discharge the gas or find a different vessel for a furnace. Can't wait to contribute and hopefully join in on the fun. I am by no means an expert and have a wonderfully bad habit of spending hours researching and never getting around to practicing. You guys have so much knowledge and insight it's difficult to stop reading and get back to forging. Also including a pic as I'd like to know if i can figure out how to post photos for future projects. Thanks All!
  3. I'd like to try my hand at forge welding (possibly in the form of a hawk) but I'm not sure my forge will get up to heat. The forge I have I built off a tutorial by Chris Anderson and it does get to a bright yellow hot. Thing is, from what I've heard (please correct me if I'm wrong) welding temperature is about 1800 Fahrenheit or so, and I have no idea how to convert color to number. I've seen a couple heat charts, but they seem to vary a bit and I'm not sure which is best. So are there any reliable charts that I can compare to temporarily (that is until I get used to knowing right off the bat what color = what temperature)?
  4. Ok so I got two sets of leaf springs from my ladies dad and I have recently used a bit to make this knife. my question is since this is a bigger knife and a small propane torch just isn't gonna cut it how long do I leave it in the oven. I know this is a dumb question but the knives i've been making have been a lot smaller so didn't need an oven. I have a picture on here and the blade is 11 and a half by 2 and a quarter wide. thanks for the help
  5. So, the steel I currently use is 5160. I'm a bit lazy, (strange for a smith, huh?) and I was wondering if water could be used to quench 5160 spring steel without cracking it. Is it too much of a risk to use water? Also, would a thin blade as opposed to a thick one crack under thermal stress easier with water?
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