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Found 6 results

  1. Ok, let's see how this goes since I'm posting from my phone. This project has been dogging me for weeks now. Started one in 1084 and it cracked in the quench. Decided to try one in 1075 and go for a hamon. As far as I can tell, no hamon (or super minimal). I only took it to 220 on the KMG so far, followed by a coarse scotchbrite, 800 grit cork, then fine scotchbrite. Threw it into the ferric, and rubbed it with some mother's mag polish. I'm going to go back to 220 and work through the hand grits and see if that presents anything. But so far, no luck. So if anyone wants to speculate why and offer an opinion, please do. I think I didn't put the clay far enough down the blade. Either way, she'll be thin and she'll cut like crazy when I'm done in the end! I went ahead and paid the blood price so hopefully that'll satisfy the blade and her new owner never need know her bite.
  2. So I started quite a few weeks ago and have been doing a little bit when I can. The last couple of weeks have been tough. Lots of traveling, bronchitis, oh yeah and this thing called a job..... Anyway, I figured I post up some photos before I totally forget what I was trying to do. I was originally going to use the Stanley flat bar and just do a standard single steel blade, but then the wife says to me: "Why are you saving all those bandsaw blades?" And I got to thinking.........So, here is my drawing. All the notes are in the upper right corner about what the materials and design elements will be. Here are the materials. There are 15 used bandsaw blades for my porta-bandsaw. Typical blades you buy at Home Depot. Also from HD is a piece of 1x4 red oak with some cool looking grain, the flat bar, and a 4 ft stick of #5 rebar. At Ace Hardware I got the 5/64" music wire, 1/16" brass rod, and a small sheet of 16 gauge carbon steel. OK, so I didn't really BUY that at Ace, but I could have. It's just that we buy that stuff in 4 ft by 8 ft sheets and I happen to have half a sheet in the shop so......whatever. Please don't ask why the rods look pre-twisted, they are not. It's just a funky camera thing. Then the hard part. I needed a piece of white bone for the spacer. After digging through the dog chews at the local feed store/pet supply I found one that might work. Oh yeah let's not forget the sheet of white construction paper from the CVS pharmacy in the school supplies section. If anyone thinks that CVS is not on our "approved vendor list", let me know and I'll leave that bit out. So I took the band saw blades and cut them into pieces. Now I have 120 short pieces of steel roughly .06" thick, .5" wide, and about 5-1/2 inches long. (photo taken after the heating) These blades are covered with some sort of lubricant coating that could really Jack up the forge welding. So, I heated them up in the forge to burn that stuff off and after several hours of wire wheel work, put them in the drill press vice to prep for the forge weld. Weld the ends and attach handles. Then into the diesel fuel, forge, and press. (or is that presto?) This photo was taken after I ground one face off to remove the teeth and see if the welds took. Tomorrow I go to Tucson for the gem & mineral show. I am showing a buddy of mine how to make Damascus on Sunday (so that video of the press doing hot work should be ready by Monday night). I might have some time Sunday night to do more on the KITH project, but don't bet on it. Probably next weekend.
  3. Today I started my KITH project, I'm still working on the actual design for the build, but figured I should start my billet now... Yep, all hands in, (my own two that is) making a pattern weld by hand hammer for this! Starting with four layers of 1095, and three of 15N20, for a seven layer first weld. Here goes nothing!!!
  4. Guest

    KITH Kard design

    I just don't have an eye for recurved blades and I prefer smaller knives over kukri sized knives. So I decided to use the kard as inspiration. Overall ten and a half inches (27 cm) the handle will be oak and brass full tang, the blade will be distal taper from 3/16. The design might change but this is what I have for now, I would like some feedback please. I have two different peices I am thinking about using for the handle.
  5. Someone write down that I'm the first to post a WIP for the 2014 KITH. Anyway, I've drawn up a design for a heavy Indian hunter, or maybe war knife. It'll be nice to put in my silversmithing skills finally. The blade will be 1084, forged fairly thin. I may decide to use no electrical equipment in its construction. Blade will be inlayed with brass, carved in while annealed and inlayed with annealed brass after heat treating. I'd like to inlay it beforehand, and so melt the brass in place, but it may drip out. I've experimented a bit with pewter casting, and so will cast a handle from that, and inlay it. I'm luckily in California, where its pretty easy to get exotic stones from dealers. I'm thinking either a small emerald (low quality but still very beautiful) or a purple and pink Ruby I managed to get a while back. Thoughts and suggestions?
  6. Ok, so I think everyone is ready for another KITH. I added in the options suggested by the other smiths. Let me know if I missed any options. EDIT: makers choice between a carry knife up to 7" with a sheath or a daily use kitchen, utility etc. knife over 7" but no more than 10" overall length sheath optional. Miniatures to be allowed, in case someone is set on doing a Bowie or Saracen belt knife that won't fit the max length criteria, provided of course that they are still large enough to be used consistently / comfortably. This means the votes for kitchen and general use will be added up, with the maker having the choice as specified above.
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