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Found 9 results

  1. Alright, so I got a question from a potential customer as to whether or not the knife comes with a certificate of authenticity... given the absolutely horrendous price-tag. -So, I decided to make one. It has been a learning experience, no doubt about that. And after 42 hours of work, here is the result. Draumr Gripnir - Certificate of Authenticity: Specs: Leather: 2mm vegetable tan, dyed and painted with acrylic paint. Paper type: Original Crown Mill 100% pure cotton, 100gsm, Ivory color. Page size: A6 Pages: 48 Metal details: Engraved and polished brass. Stitching: Black Tiger thread. The booklet shows most of the process, with some explanations etc. Kind of like a diary. This is the first one I've made, and I am thinking of making it a standard of my more fancy knives. Any comments, tips and critique is more than welcome. :) Sincerely, Alveprins.
  2. Alright, so Winter Solstice is coming up, and I needed to make a little something for a certain special little Lady - the same one that received the "Heart Piercer" last year - found HERE. So, - I present to you... a little something - the Pearl Heart - a custom leather collar. Made from 2mm thick vegetable tanned leather - stained (obviously) with red leather stain, as well as antique black leather stain. Details are painted with a fine brush - also in black leather stain. The heart itself is carved from Mother of Pearl using needle files and very fine gritted paper- and sewn in place using Tiger Thread. It closes in the back with a little pin. The Diameter of the collar is 10 cm, and the heart is 2,7 x 2,4 cm. If only my hands were a bit steadier, those lines would've been quite a bit more even... Though I suppose it gives it more of a hand-made look... Anyhow, I know it's not knife or blade related - but I thought it might be of interest anyway. :) Sincerely, Alveprins.
  3. Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to show you some sheaths I've done, comment that I'm just an amateur and I do this as a hobby. The sheaths are, for the most part, kydex lined with leather A greeting 4C033B07-63B1-4883-8993-C5CD1F521BF6.mp4
  4. Been looking for days and it would seem everybody is lazy and ignorant in this style. I have a leather lace about a 15th of an inch thick by a quarter inch thick. I'd like to do a wrap around the hilt without using glue,rivets,screws or any other fastening device other than the leather. I hope somebody on this site can help by either demonstration or posting a link to a similar form of education on the matter.I have seen it done before and I have done it myself but i'd like to know more than one way of doing so. I currently have no sword to work on in practise so I am currently using a half inch by quarter inch bar of steel. Best wishes-Nathaniel
  5. Hey guys just finished this up and it is for sale! Blade:1084 hand rubbed finish Handle: desert ironwood burl and 6061 aluminum pins and tube Sheath: wicket and Craig leather sheath. Hand stitched, dyed, fully welted, and treats with sno-seal by yours truly. I'm asking SOLD. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  6. Hey guys I posted this over in the for sale section of the forums but thought I might post it here as well. I would also like to take a moment to give special thanks to Mathew Gregory and John smith for mentoring me through my bladesmithing quest. Matthew has answered all of my questions about knifemaking in general and has helped me in numerous ways for over a year now. John has allowed me to come to his shop many times and has helped me improve my forging and understanding of Japanese style blades. Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate the help. My skill level wouldn't be anywhere near where it is without you guys. This knife is made from 1084 with a hand rubbed finish. This blade is an excellent slicer due to the thin edge (it was brought down to about .01" before sharpening.) The handle is a gorgeous piece of desert ironwood burl with 6061 aluminum pins and tubing. The sheath is made from wicket and Craig leather. It is wet formed, features a welt, and it handstitched by me. The sheath was dyed and treated with snoseal to protect it from water and give it a nice color. The leather sheath has excellent retention and has a nice click when the blade is fully sheathed. I have tested it and it does not fall out if you turn it upside down and shake the sheath up and down. I would really appreciate any feedback. Feel free to ask questions! I would so like to add that this is my first ever leather sheath and any tips on how I can make it better would be great!
  7. Thought I'd show off some more of our knives and leather work.... questions, critiques, comments, and especially compliments welcome... ha ha Blind tang, 1095, Clay & oil hamon, Cocobolo and Brass SAM_6068 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6069 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6070 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6072 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6073 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6075 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6078 by djs1984, on Flickr
  8. First, A HUGE thanks to all those who post information and work in progress threads. This knife was made possible with all of your help. This is one of our first 2 hidden tang knives, our very first stacked leather handle as well as our first peened tang. Learned a lot of tricks off this website along the way. Thank you! Second, a short introduction, My brother Marcelino and I work together on our knives. Neither one of us is a great knife maker, but we work together and use each of our strengths to make something more beautiful than if we worked seperately. My brother ghosts this forum regularly, since I'm better with typing, here I am. I'm still new to this forum, but I love what I see already. great atmosphere and helpful, knowledgable people. We hope to contribute and give back what we can considering how much we have learned from here. so without further ado, The knife.... SAM_6042 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6035 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6031 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6034 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6037 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6038 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6041 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6043 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6045 by djs1984, on Flickr 1095, clayed and differentially heat treated, Black Micarta guard/pommel, compressed stacked leather handle with a peened tang. No glue. Has anyone seen a carved / tooled stacked leather handle before? Curious... comments, critiques welcome Thanks for looking.
  9. Hello everyone! Since this is a category in which you can post whatever project. I thought i'd show one of my past projects. A few months ago I made a pipe out of a block of oak. It was quite a hard thing to do because had to drill the shaft at an angle to end in the tobacco chamber. It was a lot of sawing and filing to get the result. Afterwards I sanded it to 600 grid, carved some decoration into it and waxed it with turpentine wax. I also filled the carvings with gold paint to give it more fantasy style. The pipe is fully functional. I figure that I could definitely use these crafts in making scabbards and sword grips. Jasper
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