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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Folks, I'm looking for recommendations of books or PDFs about lost wax casting. I want to have a good overview before I start asking a bunch of questions. Thanks much, Carl
  2. I haven't made a blade in a while because I've been learned how to do lost wax vacuum casting this year, and this is the first blade I've dressed in the results: It's a broken back seax in 1084. The blade is a little over 19" (490mm) long, The spine is 6.5mm at the break, and tapers just a wee bit back to 5.4mm at the handle. It's 1 3/4" wide (45mm) at the break. I had wanted the blade to have a slightly straighter profile, but the tip didn't drop as much as I had figured in the quench. My guess is that's due to switching to Parks 50 for a quenchant (faster) and the inlaid runes. Speaking of the runes... The runes in the blade are inspired by Beagnoths seax. I cut them in before heat treat with a GraverMax, and inlaid them with Nu Gold wire (15% zinc, 85% copper) from Contenti. The runes are my near illiterate old english, which translates (I think) into: "My name is Blodlaetere. I bust asunder mail" (right side) "I rend flesh. MHB made me" (left side). Even with an engraving machine to do the grunt work, those runes were a b!tch. You can see in this close-up all the little gaps which were caused either my my inability to cleanly end a line, or from cutting the top corner off one side while trying to make the undercut on the other. The fittings for the blade & sheath are all bronze done with lost wax casting. And a couple WIP pictures for the curious:
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