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Found 2 results

  1. Vi bestilte en 50 kg ambolt fra Vevor for levering til 8412 Vestbygd, Norge - dessverre kansellerte Vevor bestillingen og skyldte på at transportøren ikke kunne levere på 3 dager. Det er klart at det ville ta mye lengre tid enn 3 dager å levere til 8412 Vestbygd, og det er ikke noe problem for oss. Er det noen i Nord-Norge som har lykkes med å bestille fra Vevor?
  2. This is technically my second Seax, but my first one broke soon after hardening. The steel is from a leaf spring, the handle is Bubinga wood from some very good friends of mine, and the pommel piece is also from a leaf spring: my friend and I are planning a sword build (he's the lucky one with the big forge and property) and I'm supposed to do the handguard and pommel. The pommel on this piece I was originally planning to use as the handguard for that sword, but I decided it was too small and used it for this. So here we go. Forging... Forging done, also showed next to my plans. Grinding... Finished grinding and starting on the bubinga handle. The rough wood handle, soon after burning in the tang. The tempered steel. Due to my small forge, I only managed to get the center third or so of the blade completely hardened, probably longer, but at least the hardening is in the cutting area. Took a long time of moving the blade back and forth in the forge to get it up to heat. I tempered using a propane blowtorch- the spine is a blue and the edge is about a dark yellow. ...aaaand the pommel. The assembled and epoxied seax. I left it to set overnight, and will try to finish it today. More pics to come. This took me about two days to do, with maybe four-five hours of work each day. Suggestions and critiques greatly appreciated. This is my first sword, and was quite a fun project to work on. I think though, that I worked through the forging too quickly and some of the hammer blows were not straight on. This wasted a lot of steel in the grinding, which was almost completely done with an angle grinder.
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