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Found 4 results

  1. Santoku kitchen knife WIP, first blade of mine that i have posted here. 5" cutting edge, 9" Overall length, 1.6" at widest point, approx 1mm thick blade. Skeletonized tang slot fit into solid oak handle .75" x 1" x 3.75" Still trying to get the tool marks totally removed and a nice polish on the blade, and the Oak handle will not be shaped fully until i get to a belt sander next weekend. Makers mark is my last name in Traditional Chinese
  2. Good day gentlemen! The upcoming state exams have been taking most of my time, but I have sneaked to my workshop every now and then. This is a wedding gift for one of my friends, an archaeologist. He likes Carolingian culture, and so I tried to produce something in that manner - the blade shape is taken from the late 8th century examples, and the floral motive belongs to the 9th. The grip is oak - bog oak and oak to be specific... I thought that him, being an archaeologist, would appreciate the spacers made of the old wood. The rest of thee grip is normal oak, and for me, I must admit it was difficult to carve it. Of course, I am a beginner at carving, so everything is difficult for me . The blade is W1 (or W2? can´t remember), and it was hardened in HT company. I told them to quench it in oil, but now, they new better So the blade is hardened through and through, not just the edge. I couldn´t scrape the lines, so I made a chisel and chiseled them... bloody work, if you ask me . Right now, the handle is about to be glued together, the blade polished, and then everything assembled... and then the sheath
  3. I don't know if this counts as curly oak but it has a very nice grain. In california a giant oak tree in fron of my freind's house was going down so it was cut and my freind got all of the wood for firewood. I pulled these two peices out of their wood pile and they let me have them. the tree must have been 5 feet across! crack run about 3 inches deep into the larger peice. the texture against the grain: some refuse: a side vew of the grain: top vew of the grain: I will post more after I start cutting the smaller peice.
  4. Hey Y'all This is my first post of a project. I've made some knives before, but I felt good about posting this one. You can see that the blade is an unusual shape, but I like my happy little accident. There's only a single brass tube keeping the tang in place, but half the handle is carved out so that it won't wiggle at all. The sheath and handle are white oak. They have been stained with the leftovers of an acid bath (apple cider vinegar) for cleaning rust and firescale. Basically it's Iron II and Iron III acetates in water. Iron reacts with white oak to make a very dark color. The other piece of wood illustrates the difference in appearance on non-oak wood. I'm very happy with the highlights in the wood. The lanyard is a bit of paracord I had liying around. I intend to get some leather or something and make a belt loop for it to hang around (after all, it's like my grandpa said, "I didn't get it to look at it"). It fits well in my hand and I enjoyed making it. Right now, I need a bit of advice/tips, it needs a little more sharpening, and it needs a name so I can etch into the blade. Cheers! Made a leather cover to put it on my belt. It's been a few months, but I already love this knife can't wait for my next one. It's going to have blue stained maple grips. I can't wait, but I have to... =(
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